Some examples of personal statement ideas that you might use include:

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Read the personal statement samples in this book carefully. They are categorized according to both structure and topic, since either can be the main organizing force. Notice that many statements fit into multiple categories. Each statement has been assigned a number out of ten (ten being the highest) and a letter grade, evaluating its success based on the style and content issues discussed in Part One. Notice that the statements with the longest lists in the category “Committee Appeal” generally receive the highest scores. It is important to read both good examples and bad examples of personal statements so that you know what works and what to avoid. The commentary will help you understand the concepts and categories the introduction discussed. Study the commentary or, better yet, come up with your own response to each statement before reading the book’s commentary. Can you tell the difference between a sentence that uses a logical appeal from an emotional appeal? Are you able to identify which structure or combination of structures each writer has chosen to use? Can you differentiate between a weak and a strong sentence? Can you identify ways that even the best essays might still be improved? Ideally, a personal statement will show all of the following qualities in the applicant; these are the main accomplishments and attributes that appeal to the admissions committee:

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Below are examples of personal statement for college and graduate school admissions. Please use for reference only; NEVER copy any of them as yours. Please click major to see each example:

There are many examples of personal statements that you might have to write. For example, some personal statements include:
These examples of personal statements for residency applications are presented here with permission of the authors.

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What’s Wrong:
Although this statement is put together like a poem, it lacks the internal logic and consistency that would make it an outstanding example of the personal statement genre. The author starts out very well, linking each sentence to the previous one, but upon close analysis, the chain link falls apart rather quickly. In the first paragraph, talking connects quiet thinking to self-respect, and then love connects self-respect to healthy relationships, but after this, the author enters stream-of-consciousness mode. We learn the author is not religious. He or she writes, “I know that logic makes an argument sound, but also know that passion makes an argument sound logical.” The problem with a sentence like this is that it does not give the reader specific evidence that this person is either logical or passionate. This personal statement encases the author behind a rhetorical wall that does not allow his personality to emerge. We do not have a sense of whether this person is trustworthy because we have no specific stories or examples to evaluate for the author’s ethical appeal.

Ms Williams has recalled some of the recent examples of personal statements which include this common pitfall.

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There are plenty of resources online (for example, ) which have free examples of Personal Statements for various subjects. Take some time to read them for some inspiration and ideas for your own.

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Some students have a limited idea on how they view themselves. Some may not take enough time to think about qualities they possess that would make them a good candidate for acceptance. A few students may sell themselves short or they may focus on this aspect from the wrong perspective. Examples of personal statements can help you determine characteristics you may possess that the school seeks when accepting students.