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Education has always been one of the cornerstones of our club. In the early 1980’s, small scholarships were awarded to elementary school students who submitted posters / essays on transportation. In 2000, a Scholarship Program was developed by Joan Buedel (our Advisor-in-perpetuum), Gloria Weber and Nora Barker. Scholarships are awarded to transportation students who must meet specific criteria.

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In conclusion, the invention of the air transportation is associated with the Post office transactions where mails were transported by rail. This was slow since people had to wait for a long period before they could access their messages. Banks also delayed business transactions as transportation of checks took a long time. This led to the need for a faster mode of transport that would enable people to receive mails on time. Several flights were invented which did not meet the six requirements and were inefficient. After the Second World War, big companies improving air transportation invented all-cargo airplanes. This led to the need for establishing an aviation oversight program that would overlook all the air transport and ensure safety standards maintaining. This happened because of the numerous accidents that caused massive losses of lives. The air space also needed to be regulated in order to improve the safety of passengers. Since most pilots were unskilled and could not be allowed to fly the large airplanes that carried lots of people and goods, the Federal Aviation Administration was established by the Federal Government to inspect pilots’ licenses and suspend those who did mistakes in the course of flying the planes. It also operated an air traffic control that advised the pilot while flying.

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Warmly farewelled as 'our friend' by a host of associates and acquaintances, Forbes sailed with his wife in the . Had wisdom prevailed, he would have visited Downing Street and then settled down at Cambridge, where his two sons were students, to combat the nervous debility that was paralysing him. Instead he put himself at the disposal of the Colonial Office and was soon immersed in official papers. Between repeated bouts of influenza he reported at length on numerous suggestions about the Act to replace 9 Geo. IV, c. 83. His own preference for the colony was a larger Legislative Council half elected, half nominated. His constant emphasis on the need to enlarge the powers of the local legislature in providing for the administration of justice was supported by Governor , and in 1839 this autonomy was granted under 2 & 3 Vic. c. 70. In addition to these labours and many hours of consultation at the Colonial Office, Forbes wrote essays on transportation for James Stephen and the commissioners reporting on the criminal law in England. He appeared three times before the Molesworth committee on transportation where he admitted that New South Wales had derived advantages from convict labour but claimed that the colony, from an ethical viewpoint, would benefit more if no 'exiles' were sent there. He therefore favoured the gradual discontinuance of transportation during about five years. Within three years, however, transportation to New South Wales was discontinued, but free immigration had greatly increased.

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Krizek, Kevin J. (2007). Estimating the economic benefits of bicycling and bicycle facilities: an interpretive review and proposed methods. In P. Coto-Millan & V. Inglada (Eds.), Essays on transportation economics (pp. 219-248). London: Springer publishing.

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So, your teacher said “Write an essay on transportation” and set up the deadline. What you know about transportation is that there are a lot of cars in your city, your dad owns Dodge, and you want to have red Toyota Prius.

Well, do not panic! Transportation is an amazing topic, and the essay on transportation can be devoted not only to your favorite kinds of transport. We are glad to provide several topic ideas for essays on transportation that will make your teacher surprised and happy.

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History of transportation is a brilliant topic to cover in your essay. Why? Because people got used to see cars everywhere but have no clue how it all started.

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