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a kind of forever present is the title of our publication and performance produced for in Vienna. I was invited by the curator Bernard Cella to discuss the role of writing and printed matter for Bureau for Open Culture. He asked me to do something in addition to a talk. In 2011, I wrote the catalogue essay for in the form of a play. The prologue uses parts of texts pulled from important essays on postmodernism and material culture by critics such as Jürgen Habermas, Jean Baudrillard, Clement Greenberg and, more recently, Jennifer Allen, editor of frieze d/e. I slightly altered their texts in order to shape them into a fictional conversation, moderated by me, about the demise of postmodernism and the conditions of our current era where associations with time are no longer embedded so deeply in material culture. Information, images, music, headlines and books are increasingly immaterial and often continuously accessible on the good ol’ Internet and other technological devices. The performance a kind of forever present is based on these ideas and this script. It takes place on October 10.

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Essays on Postmodern Culture, a seminal text in postmodernism.

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Hal Foster is an art historian and well-known author on modernist and contemporary art and theory. His numerous books include (MIT, 2004), (Verso, 2002), the textbook (Phaidon, 2005), The Return of the Real (October Books, 1996), and (October Books, 1993). Foster’s intellectual formation took place in the cultural context of late-1970s New York, initially as a critic, then as a critical art historian. He began to write for in 1978 and was an editor at from 1981 to 1987. In 1983 he edited a seminal collection of essays on postmodernism, (Bay Press) and in 1985 published his first own collection of essays, (Bay Press). In 1987 Foster became the director of critical and curatorial studies at the Whitney Independent Study Program. Foster has been an editor of and October Books since 1991 and writes regularly for numerous art publications, includingArtforum, the London Review of Booksand the
New Left Review. He has been at Princeton University since 1997.

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“Niall Lucy's Dictionary of Postmodernism is as sharp and sprightly an assembly of essays on postmodernism as one could wish for, which demonstrates the continuing traction and reach of postmodern thought in contemporary art and culture. All the principal persons and preoccupations are considered and the essays are clear-eyed and invigorating.”—

Chambon, Adrienne, and Allan Irving, eds. 1994. Essays on postmodernism and social work. Toronto: Canadian Scholars.
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You are stuck with your essay on postmodernism and have absolutely no idea what to write about. Or, probably, the situation is even worse, and you have no idea what to start with.

Well, getting started is a common problem for students writing postmodernism essays. We even know why. The thing is that many students do not know or do not completely understand basic postmodernism terms and concepts. Without this background information, writing essays on postmodernism will be tricky.

So, here is a list of things you have to sort out before starting to write the essay on postmodernism.

Modernism vs. postmodernism

You need to have a clear understanding of the main difference between modernism and postmodernism. When did the era of postmodernism begin? What are the peculiarities that distinguish postmodernism from modernism? Clarify these aspects before you start writing your essay on postmodernism. In this case, our article about will be helpful.

Basic concepts in postmodernism

Defining terms and concepts is something that you should definitely do. It is important to know and understand them to create a worthwhile postmodernism essay. Here is a short list for you. Find definitions to all terms mentioned below:

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The Anti-Aesthetic: Essays on Postmodern Culture” as Want to Read

Many of the essays pinpoint the stagnancy of teaching methods today and discuss the reductive parameters enforced by the current curriculum. The radical tone that echoes through the entire series of papers is unmistakable. Throughout the book, postmodern theory informs the polemical debate concerning new directions in educative practice. Contributors shed new light on a postmodern view of art in education with emphasis upon difference, plurality and independence of mind. Ultimately, the paper provides a detailed insight into the various concepts that shape and drive the contemporary art world and expands the debate regarding the impression of postmodern thinking in art education.

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“Oh God, if I only had a choice, I would write hundreds of essays on other topics rather than one essay on postmodernism”. Is this your first thought after getting the assignment? You know, we would have the same! Postmodernism is one of the most challenging issues for discussion.

Anyway, you cannot avoid writing your essay on postmodernism. That is why let us talk about two biggest challenges that you will face while writing and the ways to overcome them.

Postmodernism essays: challenge #1

One of the biggest troubles might be your inability to get the gist of postmodernism. Actually, no one can get it. Yet, without at least some basic understanding of postmodernism, it is impossible to write a worthwhile postmodernism essay.

We suggest you start with defining modernism first. Further decline of this movement led to postmodernism. You may find our article about helpful.

Postmodernism essays: challenge #2

Say, you have sorted out what postmodernism is about. What is next? Next, you face one more challenge – you cannot choose an issue to discuss in your postmodernism essay.
You have two ways out, and your choice will depend on your understanding of postmodernism.