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In the meantime the other cardinal norms of the art of paintinghad begun, with the onset of Modernism, to undergo a revisionthat was equally thorough if not as spectacular. It would takeme more time than is at my disposal to show how the norm of thepicture's enclosing shape, or frame, was loosened, then tightened,then loosened once again, and isolated, and then tightened oncemore, by successive generations of Modernist painters. Or howthe norms of finish and paint texture, and of value and colorcontrast, were revised and rerevised. New risks have been takenwith all these norms, not only in the interests of expressionbut also in order to exhibit them more clearly as norms. By beingexhibited, they are tested for their indispensability. That testingis by no means finished, and the fact that it becomes deeper asit proceeds accounts for the radical simplifications that arealso to be seen in the very latest abstract painting, as wellas for the radical complications that are also seen in it.


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Demetres P. Tryphonopoulos teaches American literature at theUniversity of New Brunswick. His current projects include an editionof Ezra Pound’s letters to Olivia Rossetti Agresti as well asa collection of essays on modernism and the occult.

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Hugh’s areas of specialisation include the writings of Henry James and D.H. Lawrence, sexuality, and the history of homosexual identities. He has published a monograph on James and sexuality, and several articles on Lawrence; he has also co-edited a collection of essays on modernism and sexuality. He is interested in late twentieth-century American culture, and has published on the poet Robert Lowell and the construction artist Joseph Cornell. He is working on a book on D.H. Lawrence and planning a series of articles on queer culture from the late nineteenth century to the present; this will consider the development of homosexual identities in Berlin, New York, and London. He has recently edited The Cambridge Companion to Gay and Lesbian Literature (2010).

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Rebecca Beasley, Tutorial Fellow in English at The Queen's College, Oxford; and University Lecturer in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century English Literature in the Faculty of English at the University of Oxford,Philip Ross Bullock, Tutorial Fellow in Russian at Wadham College, Oxford; and University Lecturer in Russian in the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages at the University of Oxford

Rebecca Beasley is Tutorial Fellow in English at The Queen's College, Oxford, and University Lecturer in English at the University of Oxford. She is the author of Ezra Pound and the Visual Culture of Modernism (Cambridge University Press, 2007) and Theorists of Modernist Poetry (Routledge, 2007), and is currently working on a book-length study of the impact of Russian culture on British literary modernism. She has also published essays on modernism and translation, the British 'intelligentsia', and the history of comparative literature.

Philip Ross Bullock is Tutorial Fellow in Russian at Wadham College, Oxford, and University Lecturer in Russian at the University of Oxford. He is the author of The Feminine in the Prose of Andrey Platonov (Legenda, 2005), and Rosa Newmarch and Russian Music in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century England (Royal Musical Association Monographs/ Ashgate, 2009), the first book-length study of Newmarch, and of the Edwardian discovery of Russian music more generally. He has published an annotated edition of the letters of Newmarch and Jean Sibelius. He has also written about questions of translation and reception in Russia and Britain, the influence of Walter Pater on Isaak Babel, Soviet translations of Oscar Wilde, and nineteenth-century Russian reactions to Darwin.

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Professor Bentley has written and edited extensively in the fields of Canadian literature and culture and Victorian literature and art, and serves as editor in chief at . In addition to his work on Mean Girls, current projects include a collection of essays on modernism in Canada and an essay on the stories Alice Munro wrote as a student at Western.

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His new book is made up of occasional essays on modern poetryoriginally published during the last twenty years in major journalsor reviews (, , , and soon). Although he has made no pretense of comprehensive revision toeffect a unity of argument for the essays, the book as a whole doesmake a strong, unified impression with its general view of modernpoetry. Modern poetry, as these fine essays on Hart Crane, RobertFrost, Marianne Moore, Wallace Stevens, Elizabeth Bishop, JohnAshberry, Geoffrey Hill, and others demonstrate, is best seen as aresistance to cliché, to the received idea of things, and to thehabit and instant consensus so typical of modern society.