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J. Drew Lanham is a native of Edgefield, South Carolina and a Distinguished Alumni Professor of Wildlife Ecology at Clemson University. He is an essayist and sometimes poet who has contributed to several anthologies including essays on home and land ethic; travelogues on trips abroad and back in time; introspectives on deer hunting and dog-human partnership; and on the struggles between passion, race and self identity as an African-American nature lover. Drew’s first solo work , The Home Place, Memoirs of a Colored Man’s Love Affair with Nature (Milkweed Editions), is due to be published sometime in 2014. Drew views his professional passion and personal missions converging to define sustainability and conservation in new and colorful ways. A major focus of this effort is to tell the stories of African- American connections to nature in the Southeast and beyond. Drew is an avid hunter, lifelong birder and nature enthusiast living in the Upstate of South Carolina with his wife Janice. They have two adult children; Kimberly Alexis and Donovan Colby. They are also the caretakers of an indoor cat, Zeke and two dogs Kate and Avery.

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But where precisely did the meaning of Dupree's success lie? In the fact that things had changed - that in less than two decades Mississippi had transformed itself from a violently segregated society to one of the more progressively integrated ones on the North American continent? That might be true enough, but it was a story that had already been told, and told again, in several of Mr. Morris's previous seven books (''North Toward Home,'' ''Yazoo,'' ''Good Old Boy'' and ''Terrains of the Heart and Other Essays on Home'').

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Colwin was also a novelist, and her essays on home cooking bring the same lovely voice to the page. Her voice is real, down-to-earth, amused, and amusing, but with a serious note as well. Reading Colwin, you can tell that she really cared about people. And food!

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