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His essays on higher education were the subject of a special volume of the journal Works and Days, entitled : Rise of the Education Management Organization.

Essays on the Higher Education (1899) by George Trumbull Ladd ..

Essays on higher education give you a chance to think about the true value of education once again

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(2013) Compulsory and Voluntary Contributions to Public Goods: Three Essays on Higher Education, Charitable Donations and Volunteering. PhD thesis, Universität zu Köln.


It should not forget to tell about self introduction in the essay on higher education. id anyone enter a college/university and gets a degree. How will higher education help him fulfill the dreams and ambitions?

Shulman, L. S. (2004). Teaching as community property: Essays on higher education. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
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Philip G. Altbach, Essays on Higher Education in International Perspective (Tamagawa, Japan: Tamagawa University Press, 1994). Japanese edition of selected articles.

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for Shalom: Essays on Christian Higher Education

Don Markwell was for several years the Warden of at the University of Melbourne, and this volume brings together a number of his essays on higher education, university administration, residential colleges, and academic life. “There are those who think that new information and communication technologies will make the campus university redundant, and presumably residential colleges also,” writes Markwell. “While we aim to use such new technologies in helping our students, and to enable them to use the technologies as well as possible, it seems clear to me that the high degree of – student with tutor, and student with student – that a college involves will always be of immense benefit to students.” The volume is available as well as from .

Teaching as Community Property : Essays on Higher Education.

(2004a) Teaching as community property: Essays on higher education

In this book, the authors explain to us why they believe American higher education is in deep trouble. In order to help us fully understand how higher education has changed, the authors gave us some history on American higher education along with an extended historical background of Harvard and BYU-Idaho. Then, they gave us a description of what higher education is like in today's age. ... Along with their examples of successful institutions in higher education, they give recommendations to other institutions so they can survive the current revolution in American higher education. ... ...