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An important part of Buddhist modernism has been the increased prominence and expanded roles of women. In Asia, this includes efforts to reestablish the nuns’ monastic order, as well as the development of new categories of women renunciates, such as the in Thailand. In Europe and North America, women have attained an unprecedented level of leadership, running their own monasteries and meditation centers and teaching women and men together, something rare in Asia. Scholarship dealing with women and gender issues tends toward advocacy scholarship and critical-constructive (“theological”) work. While few of the pieces below address the issue of Buddhist modernism explicitly, the subject is implicit in most discussions of gender in the contemporary Buddhist world, since the modern egalitarian perspective on gender deeply informs efforts to reform Buddhist attitudes toward gender and to mine the tradition for resources helpful in this regard. pioneered this kind of scholarship, modeled on feminist Christian theologies. also contains a richly informed constructive perspective on gender from the Tibetan and feminist traditions. discusses efforts to revive the nuns’ , and contains wide-ranging essays on Buddhism and women throughout the world.

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Essays on engaged Buddhism in the West. Includes pieces on peace, race, human rights, gender, ethnicity, meditation in prisons, and the environment.

Six essays on various Buddhist topics originally conceived as six radio talks.
Buddhism is both a world religion and a philosophical teaching. Everything depends on how you define these two notions.

The number of Buddhism followers increases every day (today there are more than a billion of them). If you know something about Buddhism, you must have heard the name Gautama Buddha, who is considered the father of Buddhism.

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It is very important to underline in your essays on Buddhism that this religion has undergone some changes in the course of time. Naturally, this religion is based on Buddha’s teachings. However, after his death the life principles offered by Buddha were mixed up with many local rituals and customs. It was the main thing to cause numerous splits in this religion, and it gives you more ideas to consider in essays on Buddhism.

You can also write about the branches of this religion in your essays on Buddhism. There are three of them:Falk, Nancy A. and Rita M. Gross, ed. **Unspoken Worlds: Women's Religious Lives in Non-Western Cultures**. San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1980. (contains several essays on Buddhism)
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Keep in mind that on our site you can always find some help with writing a , and much more. McDaniel, Jay B. “Revisioning God and the Self: Lessons from Buddhism.” In Liberating Life: Contemporary Approaches to Ecological Theology, eds. Charles Birch, William Eakin, and Jay B. McDaniel, 228–57. Maryknoll, N.Y.: Orbis, 1990.
Pickering, John (ed). 1997. The Authority of Experience. Essays on Buddhism and Psychology. Richmond: Curzon Press.

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Thurman, Robert A. F. “The Emptiness that is Compassion: An Essay on Buddhist Ethics.” Religious Traditions 4, no. 2 (Oct-Nov 1981):11-34, 1981.

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Largely sympathetic but critical essays on Buddhism and psychotherapy from historical, philosophical, and psychological perspectives. Includes essays on Pure Land Buddhism, something previously neglected in work on Buddhism and psychology.

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Kraft, Kenneth L., ed. Inner Peace, World Peace: Essays on Buddhism and Nonviolence. Albany: State University of New York Press, 1992.