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Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism publishes scholarly papers concerning philosophical, historical, or interdisciplinary aspects of humanism, or that deal with the application of humanist principles to problems of everyday life. EPH encourages the exploration of aspects and applications of humanism, in the broadest sense of ‘philosophical’ as a search for self-understanding, life wisdom, and improvement to the human condition. The topic of humanism is also understood to embrace its thoughtful manifestations across the widest breadth of cultures and historical periods, and non-western perspectives are encouraged. Inquiry into humanism may also focus on its contemporary affirmation of a progressive philosophy of life that, without theism and other supernatural beliefs, affirms the ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment that aspire to the greater good of humanity.EPHwelcomes multi-disciplinary approaches that arouse broad interest across the humanities and social sciences, and inspire attention to novel and needed developments to humanistic thinking.

Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism

Essays in Philosophy: Ancient - St. Augustine

Essays in Philosophy: Ancient Rosen, Stanley

James hints at his religious concerns in his earliest essays andin The Principles, but they become more explicit in TheWill to Believe and Other Essays in Popular Philosophy(1897), Human Immortality: Two Supposed Objections to theDoctrine (1898), The Varieties of Religious Experience(1902) and A Pluralistic Universe (1909). James oscillatedbetween thinking that a “study in human nature” suchas Varieties could contribute to a “Science ofReligion” and the belief that religious experience involves analtogether supernatural domain, somehow inaccessible to science butaccessible to the individual human subject.

Essays in Philosophy: Modern - St. Augustine

Naqvi, E. (2016), Review: Jerrold Levinson. Musical Concerns: Essays in Philosophy of Music. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015. 176 pages; $45.00/hardcover. The Philosophical Forum, 47: 103–105. doi: 10.1111/phil.12104

Essays In Philosophy
Literatura obcojęzyczna: Essays in the Philosophy and History of Logic and Mathematic, autor: R Murawski,

Trees of Life: Essays in Philosophy of Biology

Such is far from true in 2007. Now disability-studies students and teachers find themselves in the gratifying position of needing to discriminate among possible resources, especially when it comes to introductions to the field. Critical Disability Theory: Essays in Philosophy, Politics, Policy, and Law is a text that deserves consideration as such an introduction.

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Filosofie Mind, Meaning, and Reality: Essays in Philosophy

This illuminating volume has been specially written for those who are soaked in Western philosophic thought and the scientific method of arriving at conclusions. These Essays in Philosophy are not based on mere belief or superstition, not on mere scriptural injunctions and declarations, but on good reason backed by the personal experiences of a living Sage of Self-realisation. As such, they are bound to appeal to, and transform, people of all shades of thought and opinion.

Method and Metaphysics: Essays in Ancient Philosophy I (Inbunden)

Person, Polis, Planet: Essays in Applied Philosophy