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A Splendid Introduction to the Philosophy of Existentialism! In Essays in Existentialism, Jean Paul Sartre (1905 - 1980) the leading French exponent of existential philosophy, wrote a book that opened many doors to the mind. Sartre challenged his readers to think beyond the meaning of their everyday thoughts and beliefs. His essays on Nothingness, on the Emotions and on the Image --- including "The Problem of Nothingness," "The Role of the Image in Mental Life," and "Essays in Aethetics" --- contain the essentials of his metaphysical speculations.

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Essays in Existentialism challenges and encourages us to alter how we think about the choices that we make: to live "authentically" we must be conscious of our freedom to choose and concerned with the effect our choice will have on all others. It is an essential text for any student of philosophy.

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