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Thisstudy guide contains essay writing strategies which have proved to bebeneficial for many students. Alongside, the most recent edition of which is available at is another helpful study resource.

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In addition to covering all of the fundamental topics at the paragraph-to-essay level (the writing process, paragraph and essay writing strategies, and grammar lessons), Kathleen McWhorter appeals to students by connecting the classroom to the real world using visual learning tools, realistic examples of successful writing through student models and high-interest readings, and abundant exercise sets. The text provides comprehensive and integrated coverage of the reading-writing connection, full instruction on the methods of development, editing exercises, collaborative activities, complete MyWritingLab integration with e-text, and a renewed focus on thinking critically and visual literacy.

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Look for my next article on the on helping students learn how to scrimmage. Focusing on the essay writing strategies at the paragraph level, including structure, style, unity, and evidence will further help students prepare for the “big game.”

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