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In this intensive HSC Essay Writing course for senior high school students, participants will learn how to structure essays, organise information and use memorised sources in an exam situation. Participants practise writing introductions, conclusions and paragraphs of evidence, and learn how to present information clearly and concisely.

This essay writing course covers the following topics:

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Essay Writing Course - Cozy English Grammar

The Academic Essay Writing course runs for 9 or 10 weeks and aims to give students a clear idea of how to approach writing an academic essay. As well as looking at academic conventions connected with academic writing, the classes will also introduce strategies to ensure that writing tasks are completed effectively. The course will be very practical and will involve writing practice in classes as well as some homework.

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Welcome to EssayEdge’s Admissions Essay writing course. After editing tens of thousands of admissions essays for applicants, we created the ultimate course for students seeking an extra edge in the ultra-competitive college and graduate school application process.

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This essay writing course also gives you bonus instructions on how to make your essay stand out.

GAMSAT Short Essay Writing Course (CR106)

This course consists of slides and a voice-over so that you can quickly access and skim the information, and go back to it easily whenever you need it. When an essay deadline is quickly approaching, you don’t have time to listen to video after video of talking. Skim our essay writing course to get the information you need when you need it, or take the full course when you have more time.

This essay writing course will be presented as a seminar combined with instruction and activity based application and feedback.

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