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While the narrative essay functions as does a piece of prose fiction, the lyric essay works off many of the principles that drive a poem. The lyric essay favors juxtaposition and imagery over a logically linear sequence. Sometimes a lyric essay will state its purpose outright. Sometimes a lyric essay will ask questions in order to get the reader thinking about what's at stake, the message being the unanswerability of a question rather than a statement of fact or truth. And when it's working most like a poem, a lyric essay will present the reader with its material and leave that material to speak for itself. John D'Agata, lyric essay editor for the Seneca Review, has helped to define this weird hybrid form of essay by describing it:

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Fall/semester mike (aka Unlimited Essay Works) is a spin-off of Unlimited X Works. An anon on named "Mike" was failing his English course, so he decided to go out with a bang. Instead of handing in his final paper, he handed in Unlimited Essay Works:

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In my work with high school students, I find that the following step-by-step approach to the essay works well: We begin by exploring and selecting essay topics – topics that will showcase your interests and awareness, your skills and achievements. And don’t worry, you will find that there is plenty to write about! Remember that even misadventures can be cast as learning experiences. Next, you the student write 3-5 drafts of the essay. I go over each draft with you and make detailed comments and suggestions for revision. The final draft is an essay that is not only well-organized and well written, but also conveys thoughtfulness, maturity, unique abilities and interests, and growth over the course of your young life.

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For my part in this collecting motif, I am in agreement with Benjamin that "[c]ollecting is a primal phenomenon of study: the student collects knowledge" ( 210). By extension, I believe that Benjamin's distinction between the types of collectors does well to define divergent critical approaches within literary criticism. He goes to great length to differentiate between the allegorist and the collector. The allegorist, with whom I would count myself, "dislodges things from their context and, from the outset, relies on his profundity to illuminate their meaning. The collector," with whom I would also count myself, "brings together what belongs together; by keeping in mind their affinities and their succession in time, he can eventually furnish information about his objects" (211). As a consequence of this dual categorization, this essay works to dislodge these two works from their context, while minding their affinities in the historical scope of modern thought. In this context and according to Ware's definition, I will hesitantly place myself alongside Rusty Brown, who proclaims his status as a "researcher": "The Researcher fabricates (or, more commonly, 'is interested in') a thread of study, generally of puerile popular culture, in an effort to create or otherwise bolster an identity in the face of utter personal worthlessness" (Ware, 65). While researchers and academics benefit alike from a preferred anonymity, Ware offers his readers a glimpse of both the collector and the collection in .

In this piece, and the book as a whole, he makes the case for why the essay works so well for both.

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MLA style specifies guidelines for formatting manuscripts and using the English language in writing. MLA style also provides writers with a system for referencing their sources through parenthetical citation in their essays and Works Cited pages.