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Crossley, S. A., Kyle, K., & McNamara, D. S. (in press). The development and use of cohesive devices in L2 writing and their relations to judgments of essay quality. Journal of Second Language Writing.

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Crossley, S. A., Defore, C., Kyle, K, Dai, J., & McNamara, D. S. (2013). Paragraph Specific N-Gram Approaches to Automatically Assessing Essay Quality. Proceedings of the Educational Data Mining (EDM) Conference.

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Namely, four dimensions were interpreted and associated with essay quality, prompt, and grade level

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The Intelligent Essay Assessor (IEA) is a set of software tools for scoring the quality of essay content. The IEA uses Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA), which is both a computational model of human knowledge representation and a method for extracting semantic similarity of words and passages from text. Simulations of psycholinguistic phenomena show that LSA reflects similarities of human meaning effectively. To assess essay quality, LSA is first trained on domain-representative text. Then student essays are characterized by LSA representations of the meaning of their contained words and compared with essays of known quality on degree of conceptual relevance and amount of relevant content. Over many diverse topics, the IEA scores agreed with human experts as accurately as expert scores agreed with each other. Implications are discussed for incorporating automatic essay scoring in more general forms of educational technology.

To assess essay quality, LSA is first trained on domain-representative text

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The method is called comparative judgment. In the traditional approach, scorers are trained to give each essay a score on a rubric scale. Using comparative judgment, scorers are still taught what to look for in an essay, but they don’t need to give each essay a particular score. Instead, they look at two essays simultaneously and need only decide if one is better or whether they are the same in quality. Because the judges make only relative judgments of essay quality, they cannot exhibit common scoring biases such as scoring too low or high. Each essay is read and compared to another multiple times. Several rounds of judging narrows in on the quality of the essay to the point that it can, if necessary, be assigned an absolute score.

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