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More than anything, however, a beat sheet is a TOOL that should be used by a writer to clarify their ideas for a script, and to COMMUNICATE these ideas to producers and to other writers. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your beat sheet will not change—IT WILL. Just like your college essay on Sigmund Freud changed after you’d already handed in your outline… Producers understand that things may change—even drastically—once a writer gets into the thick of it on the actual script. But they also want to know what approach a writer intends to take on a script before launching in, and that’s why they request beat sheets.

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WHEN Viktor Frankl was 16 he wrote an essay on Sigmund Freud's teaching and sent it to the great man. Freud, Dr Frankl recalled, wrote back that he had found the essay interesting and had passed it to a journal of psychoanalysis, recommending that it be published (which it was, although, in the manner of learned publications, not until three years later). Freud, ever polite, hoped that the young Viktor did not mind having his work in print.

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Book Essay on Sigmund Freud, Martha Bernays: Die Brautbriefe, Band 2. Unser “Roman in Fortsetzunge” [The Letters during Their Engagement, Vol. 2.

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