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Annabelle InPower is an anti-bullying non-profit organization centered in Phoenix, Arizona. We are dedicated to giving scholarships to high school seniors and college sophomores who wish to pursue careers in social work, education, and/or psychology/counseling. Applicants must submit an essay on Resilience and Leaving a Legacy of Relationships, as well as completing additional informational [...]

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In a delightful fashion, and with a keen eye toward practical theology, Katelyn Gordon takes up the challenging task of exploring each essay on resilience and how it can be understood and practiced in our faith communities. Participants are asked to apply the essays to an experience of adversity within their own congregation; consider what resilience means to them; and summarize the findings and apply the relationship between resilience and hope and their own experiences of this relationship in their church. In particular, Gordon’s reflection on Moore-Keish’s response, and the invitation to “nourish our imaginations regularly, through reading and wrestling, prayer and proclamation, singing and meditation, on the varied scripture narratives that attest to God’s activity in the midst of change, turmoil, even destruction and death,” is given a faithful response in both the curriculum, and this prayer:
Faithful and steadfast God, we give you thanks for your Word in Scripture
and especially for stories of resilience and hope. We thank you for your abiding
presence with your people in the midst of exile and despair, and we pray that
you will help us to turn to you and to your Word for encouragement when we are
feeling helpless and hopeless. In the name of your Son Jesus Christ, we pray.
In her suggested curriculum Gordon has given us a remarkably practical, theologically astute response to this conversation. I am grateful for this, and for her faithful ministry.

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Colleagues and friends were drawn into a kind of serial publishing venture as she shouted, or sometimes conspiratorially whispered, the latest sample of a work in a progress, whether it was her essay On Resilience, an overdue feature for the newspaper or her book-length foray into gloomy economics, The Short Goodbye.

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Essay on Resilience and Leaving a Legacy of Relationships (See complete details on page 2)

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My breastfeeding story is not, however, a fairy tale; rather, i tis na essay on resilience, an ode to a sacrifice that one day turns into reward

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