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William Upski Wimsatt concludes his brief essay on mental illness and hip-hop with some final thoughts on his mentally ill friend. He writes: "[My friend] is not all that hard to understand. He's creative and smart and weird and he's been through a lot of shit – just like every other original hip-hopper I know" (1994, p. 123). His colloquial systemic explanation of mental illness parallels Ludacris's demonstration of the racial politics of physical disability. Obviously, I cannot claim that Ludacris intended for his video to be read this way, but because the visual language of music videos is especially symbolic (and therefore often inscrutable), I believe they are inherently potentially polyvocal and offer multiple points of entry for the audience. I am not arguing that the video must only be read this way, but rather that it can be read this way, and that such a reading is politically significant.

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PROFESSOR FREDRICK VARS’ essay on mental illness negating mens rea was accepted for publication by the California Law Review Circuit. His symposium piece on mental illness and gun control will appear in the Connecticut Law Review. His letter to the editor entitled “Uncertain Testamentary Capacity” was published by the peer-reviewed Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine.

Fragile – An essay on Mental Illness
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