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In the light of today’s publication of a report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), a rich country think tank, my spiked essay on inequality is worth rereading. The OECD broadly argues that high and rising inequality damages economic growth whereas I contend that, if anything, causality runs in the other direction. […]

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I wrote an essay on Inequality, partly inspired by the above post. Available here:

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I have enormous respect for what Sendhil has done with his life. He's certainly come a lot further than . Still, if I were him, I would have written a very different essay on inequality. Here is me, :

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The documents selected are the first draft of the theme essay on inequality and the note taking matrix the student used to gather her evidence throughout the unit. This first draft demonstrates the student's ability to address the learning target before any teacher revisions/suggestions. It is a reflection of the language she learned throughout the unit and was able to use effectively for this task.

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[I wrote this for the Platypus (the blog for CASTAC) last week. But I thought it might be fun to repost it here.] The meteoric rise of Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries—and the Occupy movement before that—have officially put income inequality on the political radar in the U.S., after years of slow wage growth and a near-catastrophic financial crash. In keeping with the times, Silicon Valley too has begun thinking about inequality. Resident philosopher Paul Graham, venture capitalist and founder of the famous YCombinator startup incubator, wrote an essay on inequality that caused a bit of a ruckus (in […]

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