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Charles Darwin did not formally publish on the topic of evolution until 1858, when excerpts from an essay he had privately written in 1844 and a portion of a letter to the American botanist Asa Gray were published along with Alfred Russel Wallace's formal manuscript on the mechanism of natural selection (click to read all three pieces) in the . Nevertheless, Darwin wrote extensively about evolution in his private notebooks beginning shortly after his return from the voyage of the Beagle in 1836. In 1842, he we wrote his first formal essay on evolution and this was expanded in 1844. These two essays were first published in 1909 (click to read). Between 1855 and 1858, Darwin worked on what became known as his "Big Species Book" which was subsequently abandoned when he learned that Alfred Russel Wallace had independently elucidated the principle of natural selection and there was a need for expeditious publication of his views. What came next, was the remarkable flurry of writing activity that resulted in , published in November of 1859 (click to read).

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Writing an essay on evolution will be a fun essay to write, despite the theory of evolution still being supported by the facts available to us there are still those that do not feel that evolution is possible or real. Charles Darwin is most famous for writing about his theory of evolution and the “survival of the fittest.” He showed how natural selection would favor those creatures whose differences gave them an advantage allowing those differences to become bred into the creatures over subsequent generations. However many saw his work as blaspheming against god and the idea of creation as described within the bible.

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Based on various assumptions these theories could hold good or could seem full of holes so when writing an essay on evolution decide which school of thought you want to go with and work your way through the evolution essay with evidence and research supporting your stance. Evolution essay must be written sticking to certain styles of writing followed for essays as well. There will be a prescribed format for evolution papers. In general, an introduction to the evolution essay topic, an analysis of facts leading to a sound finding, conclusion to the evolution paper and finally a summary of the facts in the evolution essay would be the format for an essay.I really enjoyed . The story used many flashbacks to briefly show us some significant points in Darwin's career and for the most part presented them accurately. The script used many quotations from Darwin's letters and books to depict him truthfully. The high prevalence of infant mortality in the nineteenth century was dramatically illustrated. Darwin lost two sons in infancy, but the most devastating loss was his daughter Annie when she was ten. That was the end of whatever religious belief he had left. Anne Darwin--who was lovingly portrayed in the drama in flashbacks--was Darwin's favorite child. When she died of scarlet fever, he wrote in his personal journal, "We have lost the joy of the household, and the solace of our old age ... Oh that she could now know how deeply, how tenderly we do still & and shall ever love her dear joyous face." Annie died in 1851, seven years before the major events of the drama. The drama depicts the death of an infant son in 1858 in more detail.

The main story is Darwin's emotional reticence to publish his radical theory with all the evidence he had compiled that proved its truth. He knew there would be a public outcry and the prospect was unpleasant to him, since his wife was a religious believer as were other members of his family and friends, such as Charles Lyell and Joseph Hooker. Finally Wallace's letter forced him to publish. Darwin's friends Lyell and Hooker arranged to publish simultaneously Wallace's letter and Darwin's earlier written--but never published--essay on evolution. After this was done Wallace gave Darwin complete priority when he learned that Darwin had come to the theory 20 years earlier and was still compiling evidence for his "big book." This book was never published in Darwin's lifetime but parts of it were published in which Darwin quickly wrote using much of the information he had already compiled. The religious conflict between Darwin and his wife is mentioned but not really emphasized. Emma comes across as much more sympathetic to Charles and supportive of his goals than as someone who is hurt by his new scientific discovery that revolutionized the human relationship to nature and undermined Christian religious beliefs.

As is well-known, the joint publication of Darwin and Wallace's new hypothesis of natural selection had virtually no impact on biology, but Darwin's book about a year later finally had a major effect, since it had, in addition to proposing the hypothesis of natural selection in much greater detail, the much greater benefit of providing the abundant scientific evidence that species evolved, most of which was unknown to the public. Within a decade, evolution replaced creationism among almost all scientists and the educated public as the explanation for the origin of species, including humans. Natural selection, on the other hand, was not fully accepted by biologists until the 1930s, long after Darwin died.
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An essay on evolution can be quite an interesting topic to work on. It is a topic that is being debated upon a lot in many academic circles. Evolution essays are details of different theories proposed by academicians who are advocates of different schools of thoughts. Creationism vs. evolution essay is popular for evolution research papers.

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Darwin secretly writes an essay on evolution by natural selection and tells his wife to have it published in the event of his death. Later he writes to English botanist Joseph Dalton Hooker, telling him of his ideas about evolution, saying it is “like confessing a murder.”

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Writing an essay on a subject as complex as evolution requires some thought and planning, so like any other essay you should first create yourself a simple outline to guide the writing of your essay on evolution. An outline does not have to be complex, just enough to provide you with a simple guide to what you need to write within each section.