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The problem of copyright is balance. It is therefore ironic that Peter Givler ends his essay on copyright‚s benefit to authors with a quote from Justice Ruth Ginsburg:

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I was born in Vietnam, raised in California and now teach computer literacy to mostly Spanish speaking students. I hope to get my Master’s in educational technology and currently I’m writing an essay on copyright and fair use. I love your flow chart that you created!

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The DVD for Brett Gaylor’s documentary/essay on copyright and culture, , is a curious artifact. Not only is the film , with user-determined pricing, but it is also free to be remixed . All of which leads one to ask, “Why would you need the disc?”

Professor Gordon’s essay on copyright (co-authored with Robert Bone), was recently translated to Russian and published in the .
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As for what is copyrightable on my web site, I do own the copyrightto any original writing you find here, such as this essay on copyrightor my explanations of various aspects of DNA testing. Any creativewriting, such as a family history or a discussion of a pedigreeprotected by copyright, as are any photographs I've taken or drawings I'vemade, and I own a compilation copyright to this web site as a whole.

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what's wrong with eldred? an essay on copyright jurisprudence

There are other gaps. Christopher Kenneally contributes an essay on copyright, but what about theft? Last semester, I regaled a class of BU journalism students on the importance of stealing. Losers imitate, winners steal! I steal from the dead; they're not around to whine to the Columbia Journalism Review. I love to steal little turns of phrase from the late Herald columnist Norma Nathan, who waged a hilarious war against the Boston Phoenix, which pompously fact-checked her gossip columns. The Boston Feenix, she called it, adding: "Did I spell it right?"

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