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Marie Dorigny / Paris, France
Marie Dorigny has been photographing child workers since 1992, when she worked with the International Labour Office to produce a photo essay on Child Labor around the world. Dorigny won a 1993 UNICEF book award for the publication, , (co-author Sorj Chalandon). Dorigny graduated from the Sorbonne University in Paris and went on to become a writer for French newspapers on issues relating to economics, science and medicine. In 1989, Dorigny switched to photography and since then has covered stories such as the Romanian revolution, the effects of Agent Orange in South Vietnam, prostitution and AIDS in Thailand, child soldiers in the drug war in Burma, children in the war in Bosnia, and modern slavery in France, among others. Dorigny's work is represented by Saba Press in the United States.

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470 Words Essay on Child Labor for students

Need help with your next essay on child labor laws in the United States? This was written to help yield more information about the success of American labor laws in the last century; it argues that child labor laws are satisfactory and need no serious overhaul at the moment.

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