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Now Camnitzer’s short essay on arts education makes a number of relevant points in all this. One is that arts education, or art appreciation, has always been taught in terms of ‘looking at’ a work of art in order to better the viewer’s skills in deciphering other aspects of society. Improve performance, as he says, in other fields (business). Allow me to quote Camnitzer again…

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The reason why I'm studying Japanese is for getting mor score for my University. And also actualy my nationality is Taiwan and born and brought up in Japan so my Japanese is good as native, but, my writing isn't very good. That's because of I had three problems is disorgornized stracture and the second one is a lack of natural flow and the last one is that I am weak at kanji (Chinese characters.)
But, as soon I found out that I have had a lot improvement because I learned essay writing skill from my teacher and from the text books. I'll continue to improve my essay writing skills and hopefully in the future I'll be able to write good academic essay on arts. Also I already sat my Adavanced Japanese Exam and I found it very easy to finish in about one hour.
Lin, 2002 May
Lin (Jefferson) studied with me for about hafl a year from October 2001.

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Visual artist, columnist, organiser and musician. Has an explicit political approach in live and work. Good asshole. Plays in Twee Hond, a duo band with his wife Lies Klaus. In 2010 he got the Hans Baaij essay price for a critical essay on arts and its position in the Rotterdam city structure. He runs his homestage Le Sud with small artistic meetings and has in Cafe Tropical his monthly talkshow on culture/art and politics.

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Below an excellent essay on Arts Science Practice by Andrew Yang Click here to download this file

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"Arts At The Heart: A Practical Guide to Dance and Drama in Elementary Schools" (2009). Keyed to the 2009 Elementary Ontario Arts Curriculum, it helps teachers understand the new Arts Curriculum, with two large sections on Drama and Dance, and an essay on arts teaching by world-renowned expert Dorothy Heathcote. It shows teachers how the new curriculum relates to Ministry of Education initiatives and research, and helps teachers plan their divisional and grade programs with more emphasis on best practices and the "big picture". Order it .

"The Monster Responsible". A script by Richard Turtle, written in ten, ten minute segments. Work with your class to produce a few or all of them! Order it .

Now Camnitzer's short essay on arts education makes a number of relevant points in all this

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Government investment in the arts, such as music and theatre, is a waste of money. Governments must invest this money in public services instead.

To what extent do you agree with this statement?

Art is considered to be the main core of the country’s civilization and heritage. However, this type of science could attract people all over the world, so the governments have paid much more money on it rather than the significant daily services for the general population. In my point of view, government should cover all essential services financially then they could pay attentions to other entertained arts and theaters.

There are reasonable factors of why general services have taken the first priority by the government. First of all, Offering the best, high technological services for a normal citizen support him to work efficiently and rapidly. Secondly, once these governments seek to comfort their people by covering all their obvious requirements, the citizen would definitely aim to put his effort and behave to serve this country. Therefore, exchanging the benefits between the citizens and government is the significant advantage from the investing money on general services.

Some people have claimed that art and theater deserve much money more than general public services for two points. Although art field expresses as type of entertainment, a great deal of people extremely enjoys of being in front of the most popular singer, for instance Celindion, listen to her fascinated songs they love. Eventually, this might be for them one of the main necessity of their lives, especially in the leisure times.

Whatever was the need for the art and artists, I think the money should go for serving the human needs due to having better world and comfortable environments. I believe that singers and actors can work in places where the general people are fairly have served by governments. Hopefully, no more complaining about this issue anymore; otherwise crimes might be started in these countries.

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