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Hello everyone, I am a first year graduation student in natural science student. As part of my studies last day I got an assignment from my professor. The assignment is to prepare a dissertation paper on pollution. He instructs me that in that dissertation paper should include details about various pollution types such as air pollution, land pollution, and water pollution and so on. I already write about air and water pollution. But I do not get more details about the land pollution. So I really want a short essay on land pollution. In that short essay please specify all information about land pollution. Hope someone will help me. Thanks in advance.

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Hi friend, I think short essay about land pollution is really helpful to your dissertation paper on land pollution. We all know that our society is facing several types of pollutions such as air pollution, water pollution, and land pollution and so on. Out of this land pollution is really dangerous to our nature. It changes the stability of the nature. There are several reasons behind the land pollution. The land pollution is also referred as soil pollution. The urbanization leads to the deforestation as result land pollution occurs. The mining process creates lots of land pollutions. The global warming is the product of these land pollutions. So we should protect our earth and nature from this harmful land pollution. You can get more details about land pollution from the internet.

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Hello, while dealing with this topic you must include all the points like causes of land pollution, effect of soil pollution, and control of soil pollution. And also you should briefly discuss about the main reasons of soil pollution. Keep in mind your essay should give awareness to the public. As time changes the population has increase. It has resulted in the over exploitation of the resources. Land is one of the reasons, which is accidentally being erased due to the increased population. so make your essay about land pollution perfect and interesting . Good luck

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Hello, now I am responsible for write an essay about land pollution as an assignment. So I need help from someone who knows well about land pollution and their impacts.

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