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Would you like to live in the world where kindness, friendship, and love rule? Everyone would like to. Still, is it possible? If it is possible, how can we achieve this goal? How can we make the world a real paradise to live in? You have a brilliant opportunity to present your ideas about it in an essay about world peace.

Below, you will find an approximate outline for essays on world peace. It will help you build up a good and consequent text for your essay on global peace.

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Essays written about World Peace including papers about World War II and Cold War

Have the students write an essay about world peace.

2048… All people around the globe are tired of wars, conflicts, and stereotypes. All nations signed the Global Peace Treaty, and finally, the world peace was achieved.

Do you think such situation can ever happen? Do you believe that one day people will have nothing to share, will be equal, and will have no single argument for having a conflict with each other?

This will be the main idea of your essay on world peace. You will have to answer one major question when working on your essay about global peace – is it really possible?

Let our writers help you a bit and present a kind of plan for making essays on world peace.

Essays on world peace: point 1

First, we recommend you define what world peace actually means. Is it only the world without wars or are there some other factors affecting the global peace? If you know these factors, list them and provide brief explanations.

Essays on world peace: point 2

Under what circumstances do you think the world peace would be possible? You may consider the following in your essay about world peace:

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We have listed several issues, which can serve as a basis for your essay about world peace
Write an essay about world peace and use a high-level vocabulary so the readers will be impressed

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1984 IYY Special Award for essay about world peace 1985 Charity concerts in Beijing Visited Ethiopia at the peak of starvation 1986 S.J

Without peace a nation cannot make any progress

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