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“Yesterday I saw a cow die. When I called my friend Erin to tell her about it she said, ‘Well that will end up in a poem.’” This is how I will begin the essay about teaching poetry workshops that I’ve been asked to write if I decide to write that essay. I might decline the assignment in which case I should stop wasting time thinking about how description is fundamental to all good writing.

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Some people think that parents should teach children how to be a good member of society. Others, however, believe that school is the place to learn this.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

A good member of any society is an asset of any society due to these people any society and any country boost up. Some people believe that children become a good person from their home their parents make them to a good person. But other people have a different view about them they said it is not only responsibility of parents a main responsibility to parents a main learn the place is a school to make a good person of children.

Mother is the first learning source for a child. Some people believe that parents should teach children how to become a good person of any society. Parents have a great impact on their child, for example, any child speaks the same language of their parent's language and child has a same religious to their parent's religious. So parents should emphasize to their children to become a good person of any society.

There is some children institution to educate them discipline and make the good citizen. Some people believe that school have the responsibility to make a good citizen. Any child spends a lot of time of the day in and learn bookish knowledge as well as learn the responsibility and duties of society for example in London children spend 7 to 8 hours in school between that they learn how to communicate, how to participate in any activity ti help other people and how to perform their duty in any situation. In overall child learn a lot of things in school or any education institution.

In the nutshell, children are learned from both places home and school.

No doubt some people think that children are learned how to become a good citizen in the home and other have different view children learn good citizen responsibility to their school.

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Joseph Nye described "soft power" in (Oxford and New York, 2002). Atatürk's remarks may be found in Lord Kinross, (New York, 1992). A newer biography is Andrew Mango, (London, 2004). Mango's (Woodstock, N.Y., 2004) interprets modern Turkey. Noah Webster's remark appears in Jack Greene, ed., (New York, 1987). Suggestions for teaching U.S. history comparatively may be found in David Thelen, "Of Audiences, Borderlands, and Comparisons: Toward the Internationalization of American History," 79 (1992) and Carl Guarneri, "Internationalizing the United States Survey Course: American History for a Global Age," 36 (2002). An earlier essay about teaching U.S. history in Turkey is Russell Johnson, "Stranger in a Not-So-Strange Land: Teaching and Living the Gilded Age and Progressive Era in Turkey," 1 (2002).

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