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Traditional ESL Program16 weeks per academic semester

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Group ESL Program
The De La Salle Language Institute at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota will customize programs for groups needing ESL instruction. Short-term programs are available upon request.

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The Academic ESL program prepares non-native speakers of English to function successfully in institutions of higher education and in professional settings in the United States. Coursework provides knowledge of and practice in academic reading, grammar, listening/speaking, composition and special topics. Among other skills, students learn to make presentations to groups, write a research paper, and take notes from classroom lectures. Attention is also paid to the student’s cultural awareness, particularly to that of the academic environment. Students receive non-transferrable academic credit for majority of classes.

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At The Boston Language Institute, expert instructors create a challenging and stimulating, yet relaxed and enjoyable learning environment in small classes of four to twelve students. The result is unusually rapid advancement -- students have progressed from complete beginner to solid intermediate in as little time as four weeks. More advanced students of ESL course also thrive in the learning environment of the Institute. Indeed, through such programs as English for Foreign-Born Professionals and the MBA Preparation Program for International Students, The Boston Language Institute has developed a specialty in teaching advanced students, who often have difficulty finding effective programs at their level. Instructors at The Boston Language Institute typically are native speakers with years of teaching experience in the United States and abroad. Many have been trained in The Boston Language Institute's internationally acclaimed and most have experience learning a second language themselves. In ESL classes, teachers pay close attention to the differences between written and spoken English, for example, between "How did you like them?" and "Howdja like 'em?" When students learn the natural way English is spoken, their listening comprehension improves dramatically. Our instructors of ESL programs enliven classes and enhance students' conversational ability by explaining frequently used slang and colloquial expressions. To read about our teachers, .Upon successful completion of the internationally recognized Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), students may elect to continue their studies as full-time, degree-seeking students at Saint Mary’s University. For some students, the time spent in the intensive ESL Program is preparation for other career-related activity or further study in their home countries.ESL Programs at The Ohio State University provides extraordinary learning opportunities for international students and non-native speakers of English.Snell, who has a passion for community-based language teaching, conducted a needs assessment, interviewing students, teachers and administrators at other successful ESL programs around the state. She then developed a curriculum that includes pragmatics, or language use in context, as well as grammar and vocabulary, and taught the first course, “English for the Workplace,” in October 2011, reaching more than 100 students.
The ESL program includes both classroom and individualized computer-assisted instruction for students of all language backgrounds.

Different Types of ESL Programs. ERIC Digest.

Located on the fourth floor, this computer-aided language learning facility offers a range of software, audio, digital and online learning tools to students enrolled in the ESL Program. These learning tools can be utilized to supplement classroom instruction, and also provide an array of innovative and interactive opportunities for independent or collaborative language practice in the area of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Come study English at our ESL program, and improve your English language skills for daily life, academic study, and your career!

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The ESL program headquarters at the Le-Jao Center includes classrooms and laboratories with internet access and equipped with the latest software. Textbooks, software, and other teaching materials used in the ESL program are updated every semester.

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University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee ESL Program

The ESL Program accepts students who have completed secondary school (or equivalent)
and have received beginning instruction in English. The following scores are required: