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When addressing the subject of equality, we approach the topic of being “equal in rights, status, or opportunities”. Unfortunately, equality is not always present and is a topic of great discussion. When speaking about equality in an essay, it can be helpful to provide an example. Next time you craft an equality essay using an example, follow these general guidelines to get the job done:

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The best way to explain a certain situation is to show it to the reader, rather than just tell them about it. You will show your reader the issue of inequality you have studied by providing real life examples. You will present your issue of inequality, provide an example of this inequality, elaborate on that example and then bring it back to why this issue is so important. Follow these guidelines to successfully craft your next equality essay with an example.

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Some of the keenest recent meditations on what Beyonce’s feminism means came in the form of reviews of “Beyonce,” or . The hash tag was born, to poke fun at the eagerness with which critics pounced. So far, much less has been written parsing the meaning of her pay-equality essay. But perhaps that’s because, as Adichie laid out, being a feminist is, at its core, not actually an incredibly complicated thing to do after all, and in her short piece, Beyonce simply did it.

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