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The Concept Map you are trying to access has information related to: Ancient Egypt Essays, L1 essays U4L1 Essay3: For whom did the Egyptians build the pyramids and why did they build them?, L1 essays U4L1 Essay 2: Why did the Egyptians call their king pharoah?, L6 essay U4L6 Essay 2: Describe examples of Egypt's scientific and mathmatical achievements oragnized by period (Old, Middle and New Kingdoms). Study Notes, L4 essays U4L4 Essay 1: How did the Egyptians use heiroglyphics? Study Notes, L6 essay U4L6 Essay 1: Describe key events of the Old. Middle, and New Kingdoms of Egypt. Incude what is happening elsewhere in the world at the time. Study Notes, L7 essays U4L7 Essay 3: What is the significance of Howard Carter's discovery of Tutankhamen's tonb? Study Notes, L7 essays Describe how and why Akhenaten changed and challenged the traditional religious beliefs of Egypt. Study Notes, L1 essays U4L1 Essay 5: What is a Sphinx? What is its purpose?, L1 essays U4L1 Essay4: Why did the Egyptians mummify bodies?, L8 essays U4L8 Essay 1: Who was Ramses II?

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this actually helped me with my ancient egypt essay that i did for humanities for this week!! I got an A for it! btw im in year 11 so I recomend it for u peeps out there doin ancient egypt as a topic for a subject!! but remember DO NOT COPY AND PASTE ANY OF THIS INFO!!!! u will b cault out!!

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