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[NC] Common Education Data Analysis & Reporting System. CEDARS is North Carolina’s PreK-13 State Longitudinal Data System. Once fully in place (July 2011), CEDARS will enable state, local and federal policymakers and service providers to make data-driven decisions based on analysis of trends and relationships between various educational factors and student performance over time.

Educational Research Data analysis and interpretation


Adult Education Data Analysis Tool

Scope: statistical quality control, generalized linear models, logistic regression, exploratory data analysis, engineering data analysis, logit models, loglinear models, linear modeling, quantitative modeling, quantitative forecasting, linear models with r, hierarchical modeling, hierarchical linear models, graphical data presentations, logistic modeling, regression methods, education data analysis, nonlinear modeling, linear model with r, linear model regression, extending linear models with r, statistics modeling, modeling regression, dynamic linear models with r, linear model statistics, heirarchical linear model, how to test equivalence, qualitative survey data, linear model analysis, linear model in r, linear model in statistics, linear models with r solutions, r linear model, linear model prediction, College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA)-certified tutor, linear model math

Revisiting higher education data analysis: A ..

Ania Chaluda has substantive experience in education data analysis, evaluation methods, data visualization, and projection tool design. As part of the EPDC team, she has worked on an array of research projects for clients such as the Global Partnership for Education, U.S. Agency for International Development, UNESCO, and ministries of education in developing countries; and has provided statistical analysis to field projects within FHI 360's Global Learning. Prior to joining FHI 360, Ania worked for Center for Inspired Teaching where she conducted interviews with students and classroom observations in Washington, DC schools. Ania holds a B.A./M.A. degree in Sociology from Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, and an M.P.P. with a concentration in Program Evaluation from George Washington University.

Revisiting higher education data analysis: A Bayesian perspective
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Experience in education data analysis and reporting; Data collection design experience

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