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“This is an invaluable collection of the texts that setthe terms for and responded to the modernist projects of thetwentieth century, supported by clear, nuanced editorial essayssituating them within a range of critical understandings.”

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For such a collection, success would hinge on the selection of key negotiation issues that have been explored recently in the published literature, the published works that best illustrate how different disciplines are approaching each issue; and editorial essays that highlight the gaps, areas of overlap, open questions, and possible areas of synthesis.

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Related activities include editorial essays, speaking engagements and advising for institutions and startups. Since 2011 Erik has led a CCA Summer Studies Abroad program in Paris. He is a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale.

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The problem with the volume lies in its ambitious intention todraw together a cohesive account of its subject. Where the bestcontributions can reflect in informed ways on localized topics, theintroductory and editorial essays seem committed to findingpatterns even as they warn us about the impossibility of sustainingthem. Remo Ceserani's opening essay is a case in point. He startsby stating the historical and taxonomic difficulties involved indefining modernity, but in the process of replacing difficulty withhypothesis he stumbles between terms, borrowing from Paul de Manand the German philosopher Hans Blumenberg before the essay petersout into a discussion of the critic Giacomo Debenedetti. Ceseranilikens the modernist tension between internal rupture andself-assertion to the formation of the Italian nation itself, whoseunification attempted to bring together widely dissimilar regionsand states. In his own words, "it would be difficult to findanother country in nineteenth-century Europe that presented so manycontradictions" (47). In attempting to unite...

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