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Editing a paper is similar. It is a good stage because it means that you are close to completion. You are putting the "finishing touches" on your paper. It is also an important step to take seriously... Mistakes made in this stage will show a lack of follow through. Good editors will go far in life.

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How long it will take to return a revised version of your paper depends on three factors: the length of the paper, the difficulty of editing, and the availability of editors. I general, we undertake to return a revised version of a paper of up to 8000 words in 12-14 days. In practice, and in particular for short papers of only 2-3000 words, we might well return a revised version within 7-8 days. Obviously, our editors do not need to spend 12-14 days editing a paper. However, they are all practising academics and, like you, have their own schedules. They are not always available to edit a paper as soon as they receive it. In addition, you should bear in mind that an editor should not edit more than 2-3000 words in a day, in order to ensure maximum quality, and that each paper is edited twice, each time by a different person.

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Your MBA essay is such an important paper that you have to make sure that you don’t hand it in until it has been professional edited. It is such a great idea to get professional help editing a paper of this caliber because so much is at stake. You can easily make a few mistakes that you just don’t realize that you made that will cost you some significant points.

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It's important to note that each of the stages outlined above is actually a stepin a rewriting process. Editing a film is not unlike editing a paper: you makenotes about what ideas you intend to cover; you assemble these notes into a roughdraft; and you re-read the paper, looking for problems that you work tirelesslyto solve. Some of the problems might be huge: your structure doesn't work, oryour logic doesn't stand up to scrutiny. On the other hand, some of yourproblems might be minor: you've left out a comma, or you've written a sentencethat is un-emphatic. In any case, as you edit, you work and re-work your text,problem-solving as you go. So much hard work, time, and dedication go into creating an essay for an academic project. You have done your research, gathered your thoughts, written a rough draft, revised the work, and now you have a final copy that you want to edit to perfection. While some students will have no problem editing a paper to a flawless state, the editing process will overwhelm others. This is where essay editing assistance can prove amazingly helpful. There are companies online offering professional solutions for writing that also act as an essay editing service. When editing a paper or a film, it's useful to have a sense of what sorts ofproblems typically arise, so that you can be on the lookout for them. Forexample, if you know that most writers have to work and re-work their thesissentences before they get them right, or that paragraph coherence is a commonproblem, you'll have an eye out for these problems as you edit your work. I was about to use a custom editing service but decided to look for something free before I proceed with the payment. To my greatest surprise (and perhaps luck), I stumbled upon Editorial Veramar websites. I had to write a literature review for my composition class and had the paper ready but wasn't sure I would get an A, since my writing is far from perfect. I found a great manual for editing research papers and used the proposed step-by-step instructions. Guess what? I've received an A+!
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Editing is improving upon the actual writing form. Is the thesis statement clear? Can more details be added? Can the writing be made clearer and easier for the reader to understand? Does the vocabulary need to be improved or otherwise changed? Do sentences or whole paragraphs need to be rearranged or omitted? Did the author use sentences that make for smooth transitions between paragraphs? These are some of the questions the writer needs to ask himself or herself when editing a paper. Do not be afraid to cross out words or sentences, draw arrows, highlight, or make other stray marks. The goal is to make the paper the best it can be, not to have a neat looking first draft.

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At FirstEditing we know how important your thesis, dissertation, orother academic work is. That's why our editors take your paper asseriously as you do. Your paper editing is completed by editors thathave extensive experience editing academic work with more than tenyears of experience in writing, editing and research.

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Mendeley also exists as an app for your computer. Here it's running on a Mac. It synchronises with your online account so you can search from within here, edit details for papers, create groups and so on. The desktop app also acts as a database where you can store PDFs or other documents.
To add a paper, simply drag and drop it in to Mendeley.