Creating a third space in Doctoral writing pedagogy

Chatterjee, M. (2011). Creating a third space in Doctoral writing pedagogy. Symposium on Second Language Writing, Writing for scholarly publication, Beyond 'Publish or Perish' .

The Doctoral Writing Group is meeting on the following Fridays:

The Doctoral Writing Group (DWG) provides a dedicated space for a discrete focus on writing.

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The Doctoral Writing Specialist, Dr. Patrick Lynch, assists doctoral students with writing issues related to style, format, and clarity of expression, including APA style alignment. Students can schedule an appointment for writing support in course assignments and the dissertation.

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You should know that you can use doctoral dissertation writing services. Many writing companies are now offering their services when it comes to dissertation, essay and coursework writing. If you are on the actual process of writing a dissertation proposal, then it is not too late to place an order today.

We recommend students only take one doctoral writing workshop at a time.
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Recent research projects include the rise of doctoral writing support external to the conferring university, doctoral student and supervisor experiences of candidates’ writing, writing in practice-led doctorates, writing group pedagogies, doctoral writing in the creative arts, and pedagogies for writing for publication.

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Students accepted into a doctoral creative writing program can expect to study for approximately three to five years depending on the program. Students can also expect to have to write a variety of essays, teach classes on writing techniques and literature, complete a comprehensive examination, and compose a dissertation. Courses required often include a combination of literature, writing, and teaching classes.

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Dr Claire Aitchison is an Adjunct Fellow in the School of Education at the University of Western Sydney. She also works part time and on a consultancy basis at other universities in the areas of researcher education, academic development and academic literacy. She is a foundational editor of the professional blog Doctoralwriting which supports an international online community of academic and literacy developers, supervisors, research students and institutional stakeholders with an interest in doctoral writing.