Finding a Dissertation Support Group

One of the best places to get criticism of the right kind is from a supportive group of peers. Students who pursue their degrees on campus or close enough to attend face-to-face classes often find ways to work together. When these students are all at the point of developing a doctoral dissertation, an opportunity exists for what graduate faculty now refer to as a dissertation support group, an informal group analogous to the class or course in the development of the dissertation proposal. Such interactive peer groups can go a long way toward replicating the type of experience many on-campus students find as they work to complete the dissertation.

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Benefits of a Dissertation Support Group

The Dissertation Writing Support Group Workshop meets once a month during the academic year to discuss issues related to the dissertation process. A specific topic is addressed during each meeting, followed by a a general question and answer discussion. Students who are interested in working in a writing support group setting are matched-up with other students expressing a similar interest. The Dissertation Writing Support Group Workshop is open to all students enrolled within the Graduate School of Education.

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4. Monitor your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health. Writing a dissertation can be obviously be stressful. During one semester early on in my dissertation writing journey, I joined a dissertation support group provided by my university's counseling department. It was great to connect with other graduate students from other departments, and publicly confess to the various ways that the dissertation was stressful. I enjoyed hearing and sharing about personal issues, such as managing relationships with one's dissertation advisor and committee members, juggling various time constraints, and dealing with how to effectively sleep. For the latter issue, I had to grapple with figuring out a way to sleep more, because some nights, I'd wake up in the middle of the night with random thoughts about my dissertation. I typically would record a voice memo on my cell phone. Also, I would keep the brightness setting on my cell phone low so that my sleep would not be as interrupted by the bright light.

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Then make an appointment to learn about the DISSERTATION SUPPORT GROUP offered by Dr. Annie Petrossian at SBU’s University Counseling Center. This group provides graduate students with a place to meet weekly and discuss their experiences, manage stress, gain support, and celebrate accomplishments with other students who are coping with many of the same concerns.“When my advisor offered me to join a dissertation support group, I said “Yuck! Do I really need it?” As it turned out later, the dissertation support group helped me survive and get my degree.

Making a Thesis or Dissertation Support Group Work for You

And what will you do about support? Are you going to isolate yourself increasingly from other students? Are you going to avoid your professor and other students because it's unbearably embarrassing to report how little progress you have made? Or will you find (or organize) some sort of dissertation support group and meet regularly with your advisor?

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What do you know about thesis and dissertation support groups? If you cannot answer this question, better learn more about thesis and dissertation support groups before you get down to working on your project. Do you want to know why?

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