There are three steps in the Dissertation Prospectus process:

Guidelines. The Dissertation Prospectus should: state the problem that the candidate proposes to solve; explain the significance of the project and its relation to ...

The Dissertation Prospectus should:

The Ph.D. dissertation prospectus typically includes thefollowing:

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The dissertation prospectus should lay out the topic and plan for the dissertation work. It is not a philosophy paper, but rather a thesis plan that:

A dissertation prospectus is a paradoxical piece of writing

During their third year all graduate students are expected to work closely with their potential advisors preparing the dissertation prospectus. After passing the oral qualifying examination, students may choose to study abroad in consultation with their advisors. A petition to study abroad before passing the qualifying examination would be granted only if there are special circumstances. Petitions to study abroad before passing the oral qualifying exam will be examined by the Graduate Advisory committee. As part of his or her petition, the student must outline a research plan along the lines of the dissertation prospectus, and the plan must be approved by the dissertation advisor.

A dissertation prospectus should be divided into the following four sections:
A Dissertation Prospectus is a written plan for the dissertation research that must be defended in an oral examination after passing both Ph.D. exams. Two samples are included below, along with comments.A dissertation prospectus should set out three things: thesources (primary and secondary) that you think will shape your work; the issue(or issues) that will drive your project; and the structure of the dissertation(ie, a chapter outline) that you will be the result of your labors. Obviously at the prospectus writing stagethis is all subject to change, the archive you thought would have everythingyou needed might have very little, your understanding of the issues that youare investigating will probably (hopefully, in fact) change dramatically overthe course of your work on your dissertation, and few chapter outlines survivewriting the initial chapter. But while a prospectus’ shelf life is often notvery long, its value lies in helping you and your committee get an initialhandle on your project and its place in the historical literature. Dissertation Prospectus
The first step in planning the dissertation is to write a prospectus and obtain approval of it by the committee. The final prospectus must be formally approved by the committee within six months of completing the oral portion of the preliminary exam. If this deadline is not met, the Chair may recommend that the committee be dissolved and that he or she be replaced as director of the dissertation. A dissertation prospectus is a document that provides introductory information about the proposed research. It is a sound piece of writing that states the main thesis and highlights the main arguments of the dissertation. It does not provide a summary or ; rather it serves as a plan for developing the dissertation proposal. It attempts to describe what has been planned for the research. It also serves as a document upon which the entire planning of your dissertation is based. The prospectus is presented to the dissertation committee which formulates the questions according to it and either approves or disapproves it.
In the end my document served me well because it accomplished what Cassuto describes as the main purpose of the dissertation prospectus:

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Much like the abstract and the executive summary of a dissertation, the dissertation prospectus also addresses the write-up in a concise manner. However, unlike the latter two, the dissertation prospectus gives you a sneak peak at what your dissertation will be like, by focusing on the three basic elements of a dissertation: resources of information, the research question or the problem statement itself and the layout/format of your dissertation.

While the dissertation prospectus is meant to present the student writer's intentions for writing their dissertation, it's not a long document.

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Though different institutions have different expectations from a student writing a dissertation prospectus, most revolve around three basic elements. These three fundamental elements are:

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The best paragraph I have ever read in a dissertation prospectus

Once the student has successfully completed the qualifying exam, she or he will begin work on the dissertation prospectus, which is due, at the latest, six months after advancement to candidacy. Preferably, however, the candidate will submit the prospectus sooner than this deadline. The following is a suggested outline for the prospectus: