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Problems quickly arise about how "substantial" the idea is, or whether anybody else has done the same thing, or how do-able the required research is. Since the information needed to maintain the thesis must be unique and original, even the variables needed can be an unknown. A great deal of time ends up being wasted because of false starts, research dead-ends, and do-overs caused by missing data, incomplete project scope, and similar planning issues. A detailed review of literature will reduce these dissertation planning problems significantly.

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What is included in Dissertation Planning I?
In this course, students develop the advanced skills and competencies they need to draft and refine their Letter of Intent and begin working on their dissertation in Dissertation Planning II. Under the supervision of the instructor, students identify a problem supported by a gap in literature, frame a feasible research purpose, and determine the scope for their dissertation research. Individually, students conduct pertinent scholarly research that addresses the literature gap, frame a researchable problem in their field, and align the research purpose with that problem. Students will also consider ethical issues of conducting research with human subjects, complete initial drafts of their problem and purpose statements, and formulate possible research questions to be refined in Dissertation Planning II.

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What is included in Dissertation Planning II?
In this course, students will continue refining their Letter of Intent begun in Dissertation Panning I. Under the supervision of the instructor, students will complete drafts of the entire Letter of Intent (LOI), which includes the refined problem and purpose statements, possible research questions, the importance of the study, and proposed methodology the students are considering to address their research problem. The LOI will also include a brief discussion of how the results will address a knowledge gap and make an original contribution to the literature and professional practice. Students will solicit faculty to serve as chair and committee members, using the draft of their LOI. Students work individually to create an annotated outline of Chapters 1 and 2 of their dissertation proposal. Students will exchange discussions about their research concepts and proposed approaches to their research methodology with other students proposing similar methods (qualitative, quantitative, mixed, etc.). Students will create an outline for Chapter 3. Students will also create a tentative dissertation completion plan for review by their instructor.

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Will I be able to take these courses simultaneously?
The Doctoral Capstone Seminar, Dissertation Planning I, and Dissertation Planning II are each designed to build on the work of the previous course. As a result, students are not able to take any combination of these courses simultaneously. For more information regarding concurrent courses, please refer to the University of the Rockies . These courses must be completed prior to a student enrolling in their first dissertation term.
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Students must submit a dissertation title, by Week 5 of Term 2. Each student will be allocated an advisor who will be available for consultation at regular intervals. Workshops will be provided dealing with dissertation planning, development, writing and presentation. A full Module Guide will be available.

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What are the stages of the dissertation process?
Once a student has completed all prior course work and Doctoral Capstone Seminar, and is ready to enroll in Dissertation Planning I & II, and subsequent dissertation courses, there are six phases described in the University of the Rockies Dissertation Handbook to complete the dissertation process. Students should start to research possible dissertation topics well before completing their coursework in order to be ready to finalize their dissertation topic by the completion of their Dissertation Planning I course.

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What follows the completion of my normal course work?
Immediately following the completion of students' core and specialization courses, students will take a Doctoral Capstone Seminar, as well as, Dissertation Planning I and Dissertation Planning II.