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The main idea with any dissertation outline is to create a roadmap or guide for the project you’re about to start, namely writing a dissertation — which depending on your topic and your program could be an undertaking of several hundred pages. An outline, by contrast, is generally much shorter. It should ideally serve two purposes. First, it should force you to lay out your ideas in a coherent and logical way, which can both help you identify what you have and notice places where you need improvement or more information. Second, it will help your advisors get a sense of where you’re heading. This will help them give you more nuanced and helpful guidance throughout the process. Most schools require all dissertation writers to meet with their advisors at various points in the writing process, and turning in your outline is often one of the first formal steps once you’ve had your topic approved.

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Before you begin your outline, it may be best to consult a dissertation manual from your school. Some schools are very particular about the order of sections for dissertation outlines and will require that you follow a specific format. You should be able to get this sort of guide from your advisors or from any research library on campus. If you need anything special or need to follow any particular formatting guides, the manual will usually say so.

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Writing a dissertation outline is something that usually requires a bit of pre-planning and a lot of prior research, but isn’t typically very challenging in and of itself. Different schools have different requirements, and there also tend to be differences between the disciplines; an outline for a dissertation in chemistry will likely take a slightly different form and approach than one rooted in history or the social sciences, for instance. Reading up on any specific instructions from your school or program is usually the best place to start. From there, most outlines include an abstract, and introduction, a literature review, a place for research , and any preliminary conclusions you may have or that you expect.

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