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PHD Seminar Workshop
Seminar Workshop 1: Emphasis on the Substantive Matter of the Dissertation:
Student shall present the subject matter of their dissertation, indicating the background and significance of the dissertation topics, the objectives of the dissertation, the conceptual framework, source of data and expected contributions of the findings, conclusions and recommendations. They will be required to exchange ideas with the seminar participants and experts from various private and public agencies related to the students' research problems.
Seminar Workshop 2: Emphasis on Research Methodology
Student shall present the review of the literature on data collection, and the development and testing of the research tools to be used for the dissertation, in accordance with the dissertation objectives. They will be required to exchange ideas with the seminar participants and experts from various private and public agencies related to the students' research problems.
Seminar Workshop 5: Emphasis on the Research Finding and Holistic Presentation of the Dissertation:
Student shall present the finding and totality of the dissertation at a seminar, respond to questions raised by the participants, exchange ideas with the seminar participants and experts from various private and public agencies related to the student's research problem, and make any necessary corrections within the scope of the approved dissertation proposal.
Dissertation Examination and Presentation to Public Academic Seminar
Students shall present their dissertation to the dissertation examiner committee. The committee shall consist of (1) lecturers/academics from university, (2) experts/specialists from an organization or institute related to the dissertation topic, and (3) dissertation advisory committee. The dissertation advisory committee will present as an observer only, not to answer questions/comments from the examiner committee or offer any explanations.
The committee, (1) and (2), shall have the duty to evaluate the dissertation while a representative from the administration shall be requested for re-submission for reconsideration, the student and supervisors shall correct it before presenting it to the public academic seminar.
The dissertation that needs to be corrected shall go through reading by external members of the dissertation examiner committee (at least 3 committee members).

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The dissertation objectives section is an important component of the approval document and sometimes the final research document. It lists what a student aims to achieve through specific types of research and approaches. A lot of students tend to gloss over the section and leave it until the last moment to write because they assume it’s a given what objectives are. You should never leave this section to the last moment and should instead get down your aim as early as possible. Looking for a good example of a well-written approval document is a great way of learning about exactly what you need to include. Here are some suggestions for finding a great copy of a sample piece:

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The supervisory relationship begins with the preparation of the student’s postgraduate study plan. The supervisor and the student must agree on the principles for their cooperation while drawing up the plan. They must also agree on the dissertation objectives and timetable, the practical implementation of supervision, the studies to be included in the postgraduate degree and other issues relevant to the progress of the research and studies. The supervisor and the student can further clarify the supervisory relationship with an informal written agreement.

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Abdulaziz Al-Farhan, MSc, “Aziz” is an international graduate student from Kuwait in the Division of Sports Nutrition and Cardiovascular Nutrition in the Department of Radiology. Aziz is a teaching faculty member in the Department of Biomedical Science at the College of Nursing in Kuwait. He is pursuing a PhD in Human Nutrition in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Michigan State University. Joseph Carlson, PhD is his primary advisor and the chairperson of his dissertation committee. Aziz’s dissertation topic involves investigating nutrition behaviors, psychosocial factors and their relationship to cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors in children from Kuwait. His dissertation objectives include: 1) To assess nutritional behaviors and nutrient intakes among Kuwait children, and to determine the proportion (%) who are meeting World Health Organization and US nutrition guidelines; 2) To assess CVD risk factors and determine their prevalence among children from Kuwait; 3) To compare nutritional behaviors and CVD risk factors between children from Kuwait and the US. He is a team leader for (S)Partners for Heart Health and a teaching assistant for HNF 457 Sports Nutrition. Aziz earned his Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Management/Dietetics from Oregon State University in 2007. He received a Master’s degree in Nutrition Science accompanied with a dietetic internship from Kent State University in 2011.

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As my current dissertation objectives stand, I plan to continue genetic studies on mountain lions throughout their range in southwestern Arizona and southern California in United States, and northwestern Sonora in Mexico, to understand their movements, connectivity and food habits.