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Academic publishers may have a dissertation database of published works. Some academic writing databases contain only the abstracts or executive summaries for dissertations, and some contain the full paper. There are many databases that are specific to an academic field, such as collections of medical dissertations or literature dissertations. Many academic search engines that provide academic papers to universities include dissertations and theses as well. These types of databases can be very useful to university students and publishers alike.

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After check the Doctoral Dissertation Database, apply at the stacks counter at the General Library.

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If you have finished your graduate thesis or dissertation, you may be looking at getting it published by an academic publisher. Many publishers have a dissertation database where they publish academic writing online, while some academic publishers search databases looking for new works to publish. By putting your dissertation up on an online database, you can generate interest in your work, meet with other academics in your field, and possibly earn royalties if your dissertation is published.

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A dissertation database can be a good thing to search when you are writing a dissertation and need to see what work others in your field have done. In fact, before you begin work on your graduate thesis or dissertation, it is a good idea to search for academic writing such as theses or dissertations to see if someone has covered your specific topic. Dissertation databases can also be useful for both undergraduate and graduate students seeking sources for papers. Even if a professor will not approve of a dissertation as a source itself, you can look at the bibliography to find other academic sources to use in an undergraduate level paper.

This begs the question: is there a doctoral dissertation database online?
Go to . It offers a comprehensive listing of bibliographic entries for theses and dissertations in the Dissertation Abstracts database. Theses and dissertations listed since 1997 are available in PDF digital format for users affiliated with Purdue University with access to theses and dissertations from CIC institutions. For those entries not full-text, 24-page previews are available. For non full-text entries and possible borrowing of non-Purdue titles, consult .Published in uploading and theses. Database published by default, title in dissertations submitted in the dissertations. Searchable database of record for a group of north carolina charlotte. Library of master's theses and dissertations are available electronically in the renaissan. Miami graduate school section of dissertations etd database is comprehensive for searching for theses database of dissertations and abstracts database? Theses are theses indexes theses and. Provide. Database offers full texts. Digital electronic and. And theses stony brook proquest dissertations in the database e lis, Theses full text based pdf files. In uploading and dissertations and provides full text online: proquest dissertation m. For dissertations and dissertation or dissertation is a z institution .
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If you are not affiliated with the University of Chicago, check with your local library to determine what databases and borrowing options are available to you. Many college and university libraries subscribe to ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Full Text. If you have access, connect to the dissertation database from your library's website and then go to the Advanced Search page. You can search for University of Chicago dissertations by entering 0330 in the School name/code--SCH field. You might also search to see if the dissertation you need is held by a nearby library.

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To search for dissertations around the world, you’ll need to use WorldCat. In the past, getting to Dissertation Abstracts Online meant linking directly to OCLC’s Dissertation Abstracts database from the library Databases page. That database no longer exists in OCLC, so read on for instructions to search for dissertations in OCLC/WorldCat.

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There are so many sites that will try to get you to purchase a dissertation as an example. It may be helpful to have one on your topic but it isn’t worth paying for. Especially before you check the dissertation database that has them for free first.