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Other examples further show the need for strategic planning and for developing a clear business plan. The owner of a business that seemed to be doing quite well in two locations was about to open in a third. The authors were called in to develop a benefits policy and discovered cash flow problems that could be found only after operations had begun in the new location. After analyzing the situation, an expansion and financial plan was developed for the sound locations only. In another case, the authors determined that a business had purchased more equipment than was necessary to accomplish the current workload.

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What’s one thing they can do to increase their chances of success? Develop a business plan.

General Guidelines for Developing a Business Plan

This publication will assist in drafting your own business plan. It includes a discussion of the makeup of the plan and the information you need to develop a business plan. Business plans are traditionally developed and written by the owner with input from family members and the members of the business team. Business plans are "living" documents that should be reviewed and updated every year or if an opportunity for change presents itself. Reviews reinforce the thoughts and plans of the owner and the business, and aid in the evaluation process. For an established venture, evaluation determines if the business is in need of change or if it is meeting the expectations of the owners.

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Although there is no single formula for developing a business plan, some elements are common to all business plans. They are summarized in the following outline:

Developing A Business Plan
If you are interested in developing a new business on the Internet or expanding your current business onto the global information superhighway, it is important to develop a business plan as part of your preparations. Like a regular business plan, your Internet business plan must give details of the proposed venture, along with expected needs and results (Kuratko and Hodgetts, 1992). In addition, it must take into account the unique nature of electronic commerce.The good news is that developing a business plan is not as hard as it seems. In order to develop a solid business plan, you need to have a thorough understanding of the business you're entering. Next, you need to determine how you'll use the plan and who your target audience is. Finally, you should create a complete a business plan that is comprehensive and concisely written. We'll explore each of these steps in detail.An important task in starting a new venture is to develop a business plan. As the phrase suggests, a business plan is a "road map" to guide the future of the business or venture. The elements of the business plan will have an impact on daily decisions and provide direction for expansion, diversification, and future evaluation of the business.A business enterprise is to complex to assume that failure to develop a sound business plan will be the cause for problems Nevertheless, this failure often counts among the factors contributing to business difficulties. As Worth has said, "Being a business entrepreneur today takes constant vigilance in order to be able to take advantage of new opportunities and the availability of new information and technology as they come into being." The first step in doing this is to have a plan.
What’s one thing they can do to increase their chances of survival and growth? Develop a business plan.

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"The workshop provided the things I was looking for and gave me a map of what to do and how to organize my plan. (Molina) stressed organizing the plan in a short, concise fashion. The marketing portion helped me get down on paper how to market myself versus my competitors. He also helped me identify how to develop my Web site from a marketing perspective and how to tie all my marketing efforts together," Bovaird said. "I definitely got more out of the workshop than just how to develop a business plan. I never learned how to properly organize my finances, so the financing portion of the workshop was invaluable. I learned how to figure profit/loss, categorizing, and what a bank will look for when evaluating the viability of my business," Bovaird said.

Developing A Business Plan

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But if you need a business bank loan to grow your retail or ecommerce business, then you can’t avoid the business plan. Fortunately, you can use an approach that’s productive, interesting, and even (dare I say it?) fun, to develop a business plan that helps you apply for financing and becomes an important tool for guiding your company’s growth.

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Technique of Developing Strategic Business Plan with knowing how to develop vision, mission, Goal and objective together with Strategic business tool analysis and Strategic formulation including Strategic Implementation and action plan.