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When combined with our powerful mapping and analytical solutions, Demographic Data Analysis helps you anticipate customer needs and position your organisation for greater success.

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Demographic Data and Analysis - Alberta

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The Demographic Data Analysis Tool serves as a starting point for reporting general trend analysis. Reports can be generated for one or more counties, one or more districts or for the state as a whole.

Demographic Data Analysis and Profiling

The housing industry will have to cater to an increasing range of needs and preferences as demographic changes occur at both the national and community level. Listed below are the needs and preferences of specific market segments as they relate to downtown housing. These segments need to be analyzed in relation to the community demographic data analysis presented earlier in this section. Those segments which are growing in your community and are most inclined toward downtown living (downtown workers, singles and couples without children) should be included in your assessment of downtown housing opportunities.

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Clinical, Laboratory, and Demographic Data Analysis

Our GeoMetrx web-based mapping software is loaded with rich for retail site selection, consumer profiling and market analysis. With multiple demographic data providers to choose from (not just census data), your business has options you can trust. Create your own custom demographic data reports, export your data in various formats and perform in-depth demographic data analysis to enable your company to make the right decisions every time.

Demographic Data Analysis in Less Developed Countries: 1946–1996

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Utilized the Data Management System to generate counts, listing reports for Clinical Study Report () by Treatment Groups. Assigned 9 person team to specialized therapies areas and other criteria. A10 performed data analysis and validation using queries and patient viewer. Special focus on generating ad-hoc reports that calculate the instances of safety, efficacy, and demographic parameters for randomized and non-randomized patients. Created specifications for standard and protocol specific transport files, performing tests to insure correct output consistent with requests. Generated and validated Item 11 deliverables for submission to which included producing data definitions and annotated documents. Responsible for processing of Item 12 deliverables including eCRF components which reflects clinical and demographic data analysis. Updated standard reports grid according to data management plan in order to specify the parameters that must be applied to counts and listings reports and transport files.

Demographic data analysis in less developed countries: 1946-1996