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For example: What supervision will be available? Will this supervision be provided individually or in a group setting? What is the role of the specialist supervisor? When is your supervisor available? Is there an external supervisor and what is their role? Who are the members of the examination board? Who assesses the bachelor degree dissertation?

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Your degree dissertation caps your university education. Here at FreiLacke, we have the right kind of cap for you. We want to improve every day, so it is a good thing to have someone who spends a longer period of time concentrating on one complex subject.This section describes the undergraduate dissertation or senior thesis topics where academic support is provided on site and these topics can be developed into research questions for dissertations or senior theses. About 25% of students on Operation Wallacea expeditions use their time on site to gather data for their undergraduate or Masters level dissertations or theses. Doing it this way means that you still have the benefit of working in some of these remote environments but can also use your time over the summer to collect data for your degree dissertation or senior thesis.
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You are not permitted to include the whole or the major part of the text of a previous dissertation within the PhD, MSc or MLitt degree dissertation. However, you may include some parts - including tables, diagrams etc. - from your previous work.

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For example: What are you being assessed on, and on which competencies? If you have to do research, then what type of research? How much time are you expected to spend on the bachelor degree dissertation? How often are you expected to contact your supervisor? What are the deadlines?

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No restrictions may be placed on the release or publication of a doctoral degree dissertation with the exception of a postponement of the date of release or publication that is agreed on in advance.