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Distinguished as one of the few interdisciplinary creative writing programs in the country, we provide a rich space for examining aesthetic risk and social application. The curriculum emphasizes both creative process and critical reading practices, preparing writers to participate in contemporary writing culture and for a range of language and media-centered careers. For news and notes from EMU's Creative Writing program, visit our .

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Graduate programs in creative writing have evolved since the 1930s to offer a range of artistic experiences, approaches, and courses of study. Because there are many paths by which one may become a writer, the curricula vary from program to program. AWP encourages this variety and innovation while it sets general guidelines to help ensure a high quality of artistic literary training within these programs. Although the courses of study vary, AWP has noted the following shared characteristics among successful programs that nurture a culture of creativity, vitality, intellectual rigor, artistic discipline, and collegiality. These definitive hallmarks also form the basis for “The AWP Guidelines for Creative Writing Programs and Teachers of Creative Writing.”

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In addition to a semester-long professional development class entitled “Getting It Out There” and a teaching practicum, the CalArts MFA Creative Writing Program offers its students opportunities to teach composition to undergraduate students as paid teaching assistants; to learn the ins and outs of publishing (for academic credit) as a Black Clock intern; and to curate two readings series: the on-campus "Sprawl" and the off-campus "Next Words," designed to introduce students to LA's lively and diverse literary scene. Students also have the opportunity to participate in the CalArts Community Arts Partnership, teaching creative writing to underserved youth in venues around Southern California.

The Creative Writing Program's  features writers and artists performing and discussing their works.
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To apply, complete an online Graduate Admissions application and processing fee at . Additionally, you will be required to provide to the Admissions Office a transcript(s) of successful completion of undergraduate and/or graduate studies at all accredited universities that you list on your application, (with a GPA of 3.0). Those applicants wishing to be considered by the program for financial aid should also submit current GRE scores. NOTE: For those applicants who have attended FIU, transcripts will be printed out and given to the Creative Writing Program by Graduate Admissions.

The celebrated writer and environmentalist Wallace Stegner founded the Stanford Creative Writing Program and Writing Fellowships in 1946.

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We are pleased to announce that the Creative Writing Program no longer requires GRE test scores for admission to our graduate program. This requirement will be waived beginning with the current admissions cycle.

I love the open letter to P&W written by various members of Creative Writing Programs. What's your opinion of it Seth?

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Creative writing software should have features that spark creativity, help you organize story lines and aid in developing characters, conflicts, settings and plots. It should contain a word processor and be user-friendly so that even a beginning writer can feel confident to practice and write with the application. We evaluated what each product has to offer according to the individual tools and overall feature package. Below are the criteria Top Ten Reviews used to evaluate the creative writing software programs.