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The ad-hocs spent their time badmouthing the profs and tearing apart their coursework.


If you take such exams, you must request a sealed, official score report that includes your full name, last 4 digits of your Social Security number and date of birth be sent to the Office of Teaching at: New York State Education Department, Office of Teaching Initiatives, 89 Washington Ave, Albany, NY 12234 or to the BOCES to which you applied to for certification. If for any reason the exam providers are unable to include this information on the transcript, they may attach a cover letter in the sealed envelope. Transcripts submitted without the requested identifying information will not be reviewed.

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If you do not wish to enter all of your coursework, you may now arrange for PTCAS to professionally enter your coursework for an additional fee. PTCAS coursework entry staff is available to enter U.S. undergraduate, graduate, post-baccalaureate, and doctorate coursework. Non-U.S./foreign, and planned/in-progress coursework is not eligible for coursework entry and must be entered by the applicant. If you would like to take advantage of the PTCAS coursework entry service, follow the steps below:

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Once your UNI is activated, you can access CourseWorks by visiting the following page:

Coursework (Completed, In Progress, and Planned)

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Your entire coursework section will be organized by term

The next step is writing your coursework following the proper structuring. Your coursework can be either personal writing or basic writing. First chapter of your coursework will help you to determine the way your paper is going. Include title page, contents, intro, body, conclusion and bibliography list. There is no need to get stuck in the assignments, ask for help and we will find you the best professional coursework writers. You will instruct them what you want to see in your coursework and they will simply do it for you.

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