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An essay is a simple composition with three basic parts: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The introduction is the first sentence of the essay, and works to introduce the topic of the piece, as well as the writer’s response. An essay could centers around a) the writer’s response to a question, b) an examination of a topic, c) a reaction to a text or d) an opinion supported be evidence. The evidence provided in an essay can center around personal experiences or unbiased factual support. The conclusion of an essay works to sum up the writer’s major points, opinion or position. In essence, an essay is a composition used to examine a topic in a brief but detailed and organized way. Most essays only span a few pages, and some only take on or two pages, depending on the size of the writing.

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The conclusion of an essay may be the most important element of the essay

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It is most important in writing the conclusion of an essay that you understand the purpose or function of that conclusion. Put simply, the conclusion is to repeat or re-state the thesis statement or the argument you created earlier in the essay. There is one thing which every conclusion must not include and that is new material. It is a summary of what has gone before and not the place to introduce something new.

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The conclusion of an essay plays an important role in the effectiveness of the essay as a whole. Regardless of how well written the introductory and supporting paragraphs are, the essay is ineffective if the reader does not recognize the end of the essay. It is important that the conclusion does not add major new ideas to the essay; rather, it should summarize or refer to the main points already given. Its job is to conclude, not continue, the discussion.

How to Write the Conclusion of an Essay
The conclusion of an essay is simply a paraphrase of what you just stated in the body of the paper

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The purpose of an essay should be more than a simple description of parts of the material that has been studied. It is about analysing and evaluating the ideas that you find in your studies. This means an essay requires you to show your understanding of the ideas by breaking them down into their component parts. Essays can also encourage you to explore a topic or issue using ideas. In the introduction to an essay the student may tell the reader what will be covered. The conclusion of an essay is often a simple summary of the preceding arguments. Arguments in this context are not heated battles but a set of reasoned points of view that help the reader to better understand the issue being written about. Finally, the structure of essays and reports is different. An essay may use some headings but will rarely use sub-headings.

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