8. Complete your dissertation.

Put an automatic message on your email that says you will be unavailable for the next 30 days because you are dedicating yourself to completing your dissertation. Ask senders to phone you in case of an emergency, but to otherwise respect your situation and be patient for a response. This is, in effect, an email “DO NOT DISTURB” sign, which will hopefully deter most people from bothering you with anything other than very serious issues. Do not include your phone number in the email; the people closest to you should already have it.

1. Decide to stay in Glasgow to complete your PGT dissertation

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The Dissertation is usually the most nerve-racking part of any Ph.D. program. Here at Regent University, we are committed to helping you complete your dissertation in a timely manner. The purpose of this site is to help walk you through every step of the process, showing you what to do and not to do while working on your dissertation. This site is meant to complement, not replace the . You are expected to read and consult the handbook throughout your matriculation as a doctoral candidate.

What strategies do you use for finding time–making time–to complete your dissertation? Share in the comments!
. Be very careful when choosing your advisor! Your advisor must be responsive, available, and willing to go to bat for you if you are to successfully complete your dissertation. He/she must be willing to give you detailed, specific written instructions and directions when you need them. Be ready to replace any advisor who does not cooperate with you in the above ways.Instead of waiting for a family crisis or other 30-day deadline to call you into action, what can you do right now to complete your project in a more timely fashion? Is it possible to delay some less critical tasks so that you can focus completely on your dissertation? What can you put off so that your dissertation can come first?Without doubt, the stakes are higher with this phase of your doctoral degree. If you are not successful with your comprehensive exams or if you do not complete your dissertation, you will not earn your degree - an undesirable outcome. The national percentage of graduate students who do not complete their doctoral degrees because of the dissertation ranges from 30 - 50 %. Quite often, doctoral students underestimate the amount of time writing a dissertation will take or they do not balance well writing the dissertation with their professional and family obligations. Using all of the resources available to you is essential to your success. Taking advantage of these resources will not ensure you complete your comprehensive exam or dissertation because you are the critical part of the equation for success. But the above resources can give you a significant boost at different points in the process.•Handing in the final revised dissertation We’ll start from about April 15 in the year you wish to graduate, assuming a May graduation. On that day, you must hand in two final copies of the dissertation, perfectly formatted and printed (a process which itself requires up to a week). At your final hearing, your committee may have given you lots of changes to make. Commonly, committee members request changes that require at least two weeks of full time writing and editing. If you have a job or any other obligations, you need to leave even more time. So unless you can devote yourself completely to your dissertation with no distractions whatsoever, you had better schedule your final oral exam at least before the final deadline. This means your final hearing (also known as the dissertation defense) would take place no later than March 15th or so, two months before commencement, and one month before the GRS deadline for handing in the dissertation.
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Completing Your Dissertation: Strategies for Success

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This document will orient you to the steps you should follow to complete your dissertation and graduate from the Instructional Psychology & Technology PhD program. Since it is only an overview of the critical steps, you will need to refer to specific documents mentioned in this description for additional details. These documents and forms are available from the department secretary or on the IP&T web site.

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Completing your doctoral dissertation is likely one of the most challenging things you’ll ever do, according to Amanda Stevens, a student in the University of Phoenix® .