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The Writing Place is a tutoring service sponsored by the English Department. Students come to the Writing Place to work with peer tutors on specific writing tasks, including brainstorming ideas for college writing assignments, organizing rough drafts, revising, editing, and doing library research. The Writing Place tutors are students who have successfully completed their College English program and are taking a course that prepares them to provide effective feedback and assistance. Specific materials and computer resources are available in the Writing Place to supplement class instruction and develop composition skills.

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8 Types of Usual College Writing Assignments

Though separated by geographical distance, a student with disabilities, his advisor, and his writing coach consorted in the Cloud using Google applications to achieve a writing goal. Our scenario demonstrates how emerging technologies can bridge transactional distance and “virtually” supplant face-to-face conferencing around a college writing assignment. Individual levels of technical acumen with digital technology evolved to bridge the psychological and communication space between the student and his instructors. As a result, the telecollaborators developed an efficient coaching process adaptable for all students who need assistance in revising college writing assignments at a distance. Action research frames our discussion of the Cloud collaboration and provides a scaffold for student autonomy. The advantages as well and disadvantages of Cloud collaboration are outlined with reference to the National Institute of Standards of Technology definition of Cloud Computing and the Seven Principles of Universal Course Design.

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This assignment prompt is likely to be confusing to students because it contains too many questions. Unaware that one of the generic requirements implicit in many college writing assignments is to construct a thoughtful position on a problematic issue, novice students are likely to answer all the questions without connecting them, resulting in a disjointed and undeveloped essay that lacks focus and unity. Some, aware that a writing assignment constitutes a type of “test,” might even retell the plot of various episodes of the show, as a means of demonstrating knowledge, a phenomenon that is particularly characteristic of responses to assignments concerned with literature or film. In contrast, more knowledgeable students would be able to read through the poorly defined assignment—or at least be able to ask pertinent questions about its goals. These students would realize that it is really the first question that the essay must respond to, and that the subsequent questions were designed to prompt the development of content. As actors in the community play, they would be able to construct a suitable performance.

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It’s important, now, that you schedule time to study and work on projects. For long-term projects, have a few times set aside during the week to work on these projects. For more pressing assignments, try to set aside larger chunks of time, interspaced with breaks and allowances for other activities (contrary to popular belief, sitting in the same sport for four hours is less productive than working for an hour, breaking for an hour, and then working again). The key is to put your priorities first, and your less important needs second. Always schedule time to study and finish homework before you schedule time to be with friends. At the same time, never forget to schedule social time! You need social release to recover mental and emotional strength – strength required to tackle complex college writing assignments.

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However, most college writing assignments won't absorb every spare moment of your life

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