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While these international and domestic human rights instruments permit narrowly tailored restrictions on free speech to protect national security and other interests, Chinese authorities frequently exceed these parameters to punish Uyghurs for peaceful expression of views in the media or online that are critical of government policies, often resulting in lengthy prison sentences. For instance, in 2010, a XUAR court sentenced Uyghur journalist and Web editor to 15 years in prison for endangering state security, citing essays he wrote and media interviews he gave on economic and social issues affecting Uyghurs. In 2011, authorities sentenced Web site administrator to 10 years in prison after he allowed essays with sensitive themes to be posted on the popular Selkin Web site.

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Three of the book's chapters are written by UNO researchers, Striffler said, citing essays by UNO Professor of History Michael Mizell-Nelson and graduate students Chanda Nunez and Celine Ugolini.

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In heated debates, users often cite essays and proposals as defence of their own actions, or to make an accusation of wrongdoing against another editor.

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