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As the element essential to all of life, and hence the basis for a vast field of study, carbon is addressed in its own essay. The Carbon essay, in addition to examining the chemical properties of carbon (discussed below), approaches a number of subjects, such as the allotropes of carbon. These include three crystalline forms (graphite, diamond, and buckminsterfullerene), as well as amorphous carbon. In addition, two oxides of carboncarbon dioxide and carbon monoxideare important, in the case of the former, to the natural carbon cycle, and in the case of the latter, to industry. Both also pose environmental dangers.

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The purpose of this summary of the carbon essay is to provide a hint of the complexities involved with this sixth element on the periodic table, the 14th most abundant element on . In the human body, carbon is second only to oxygen in abundance, and accounts for 18% of the body's mass. Capable of combining in seemingly endless ways, carbon, along with hydrogen, is at the center of huge families of compounds. These are the hydrocarbons, present in deposits of fossil fuels: natural gas, petroleum, and coal.

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Combustion, though it can do much good, can also do much harm. This goes beyond the obvious: by burning fossil fuels or hydrocarbons, excess carbon (in the form of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide) is released to the atmosphere, with a damaging effect on the environment.
In fact, oxidation-reduction reactions are intimately connected with the functioning of the natural environment. For example, photosynthesis, the conversion of light to chemical energy by plants, is a form of oxidation-reduction reaction that produces two essentials of human life: oxygen and carbohydrates. Likewise cellular respiration, which along with photosynthesis is discussed in the Carbon essay, is an oxidation-reduction reaction in which living things break down molecules of food to produce energy, carbon dioxide, and water.
Enzymes in the human body regulate oxidation-reduction reactions. These complex proteins, of which several hundred are known, act as catalysts, speeding up chemical processes in the body. Oxidation-reduction reactions also take place in the metabolism of food for energy, with substances in the food broken down into components the body can use.

Carbon essaysThe element I have chosen to write about is the element carbon
Carbon Essays: Over 180,000 Carbon Essays, Carbon Term Papers, Carbon Research Paper, Book Reports

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The element I have chosen to write about is the element carbon