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The College of Business has scholarships available to students who exhibit a high standard of excellence or show special promise. Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of alumni and friends, in the academic year 2015-2016, we awarded over $400,000 in scholarship money to UW College of Business majors.

Here's a sampler of who offers business scholarships:

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List of Business scholarships in the US

The deadline to apply for all College of Business scholarships is Monday, March 21, 2016 by 5 p.m. (EDT). If you are selected to receive a scholarship award, you will be notified before the end of the spring semester.

Business Scholarships - Undergraduate Affairs

How to Apply
Applications for all College of Business scholarships are available as editable PDFs. Click on the scholarship application and then choose to open the file using Adobe Acrobat. Fill out the scholarship application and save it to your computer. Then, email the form (and any essays, documentation or other materials required) to

Leo W. & Beverly J. Ladehoff Business Scholarship U.S. citizens based on merit. Renewable.
This major is often referred to as business administration and management. As a scholastic field, it trains individuals how to be business leaders and how to achieve the financial goals of a business or organization. It is the single most popular college major and as such is offered at nearly every college and university out there. Scholarship opportunities for business administration are also widely available, which will become plain as you continue reading.In a typical 4-year business administration and management degree program, you'll enroll in courses such as accounting, economics, marketing and advertising, foundations of leadership, statistics, operations management and information systems. This type of program requires a strong background in math with courses such as accounting and statistics being universally required. In addition to your core business courses, you'll also enroll in a specified number of general education courses. Most programs also feature both an internship and a Capstone project as degree requirements. With an internship, you receive course credit while working in an actual business administration dynamic. With a Capstone project, you apply what you've learned in the classroom to a semester-long project concerning business strategy or business policy. Your program may also have a semester-abroad offering, in which you work in a foreign country for course credit. This is becoming increasingly popular as our business awareness grows more and more global.The ideal degree candidate for this major should be prepared for lots of hard work. Also, you'll want to be strong in math and computer applications. Knowledge of a foreign language wouldn't hurt, either. Concentrations within the degree are also available. Examples of these include finance, leadership, marketing and organizational behavior. If selecting a particular concentration from within the larger field of business administration and management is part of your educational goals, be certain to research the program carefully as not all concentrations are offered universally.Employment opportunities for this major are expected to be greater than average over the coming decade. However, be aware that the job scene for business majors is bound to change as the economic picture of our country fluctuates. Job growth should be most robust with companies that specialize in a particular type of business function.Continue reading the links below to learn more about business administration scholarships.The VCU School of Business undergraduate scholarship application for the 2016-2017 academic year is available now! The scholarship application (link below) and all supporting documents are to be submitted online. The following instructions are provided to inform you about the process. Please read carefully.Creating an account only takes minutes and puts all available Business Administration Scholarships that match your profile in front of you immediately from our extensive database of scholarship awards.SaukValley Community College students Matt Groharing of Byron and Graham Boll ofDixon have been awarded the SVCC Business Department scholarship for the2012-13 academic year.
Timothy Emmett Steele Business Scholarship  To students with an insurance studies emphasis.

MBA & Business Scholarships for Women

John W. & Mabel G. Schoen Business Scholarship
To junior and senior students majoring in accounting, management, and entrepreneurship. Must be enthusiastic, energetic, and ethical students.

College of Business Scholarship To be awarded at the dean's discretion.

College of Business Scholarships - Florida State University

Do you have a parent that is an alumni of the College of Business and Innovation or the University of Toledo? You may be eligible for the Lawrence V. Conway Business Alumni Scholarship.

Tippie College of Business Undergraduate Scholarship To students in the Tippie College of Business.

Entrepreneur – Business Scholarships

Robert S. & Dorothy J. Lee College of Business Administration Scholarship
To a high school graduate from Johnson County or a surrounding high school district. Must be a U.S. citizen, in good standing, and have completed a course in written communication.