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Evernote is the grand central station of book organization. Everything you are going to put into your book can and should go into Evernote (or some other equivalent product — I’m sure they’re out there, but.. Evernote!) Evernote works on desktops and mobile. This makes me prefer Evernote over the powerful book writing tools we’ll talk about later. Evernote is highly configurable and customizable.

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The smartest person I know in the world has been writing his first novel for thirteen years. We were chatting over coffee recently, and I asked him if he’d read the book Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark, a book I adore and reference as I write. He looked up from his espresso and said, “I don’t read writing books.” ♥

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I really appreciate the tips you shared for becoming a successful copywriter. Its was a fun and easy read, but still you put in useful information and helped me to have the right perspective to instantly make improvements. Never heard of a swipe file or the book Writing Tools. I plan on my way to Amazon now.

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Clark is the author of the book Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer

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This makes me prefer Evernote over the powerful book writing tools we'll talk about later

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Someone asked me yesterday what tools I use while writing a book