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2004: "Paul F. Lazarsfeld: His Scholarly Journey." Keynote address at "An International Symposium in Honor of Paul Lazarsfeld, Brussels, Belgium, June 4-5, 2004. The keynote address will be published in a symposium volume; a shortened version will be published in a book of essay on Columbia's great teachers and researchers, which are part of the "Columbia's Living Legacies" series, edited by William T. De Bary.

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The Little Book of Essay Writing attempts to fill a gap in essay writing self-instruction. Yes, there are many excellent books out there on the subject, but they tend to be textbooks as opposed to user-friendly manuals.

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The Little Book of Essay Writing is a useful guide on the process of writing an essay at university, from approaches to writing, planning and note making, structure and writing style to presentation.

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A new book of essay, The Corporeal Image, has just been published by the Princeton University Press

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Bracken's last major book was a selection from his previous volumes, entitled (1893). He also published two issues of a literary periodical, , in 1896 and 1897; a book of essay sketches of Dunedin clergymen, (1876), over the pseudonym 'Didymus'; a collection of reminiscences of his life in Victoria, (1892); and miscellaneous pamphlets and compilations. His single most important literary achievement, however, was his poem 'God defend New Zealand'. On 1 July 1876 the published the five stanzas under the title 'National hymn', and announced a competition to compose an air for the poem for a prize of 10 guineas. The 12 entries were judged by a panel of three German musicians in Melbourne, who unanimously chose the score written over the pseudonym 'Orpheus' by John Joseph Woods, a teacher from Lawrence in Otago. The first performance of the music may have been an arrangement for the Dunedin Royal Artillery Band, which the band planned to perform in a street parade in December 1876. The first presentation of the poem with its music was on Christmas night 1876, at a concert in the Queen's Theatre by the Lydia Howarde troupe.

Saidi has published three books of poetry, a book of essay, and a collection of short fiction

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Phil Hall’s latest book of essay-poems, Killdeer (BookThug; 2011), was awarded the 2011 Governor General’s Literary Award for Poetry.

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Icame across the play for the first time as a drama undergraduatestudent in Nigeria in the late 80s, but it was not until 2003 that Iwrote an essay on how I taught myself how to laugh at Irish jokes in abook of essay, The Power of Laughter, based on a production of the playI saw in the late 90s that I realised that the play is truly amasterpiece.